Looking for Midwest/Rockies Trip Ideas.

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    Hey all.

    I’m currently in Minnesota visiting family. On Saturday the 5th, my niece is getting married in Castlewood, South Dakota.

    Following the wedding, I have roughly a week off of work.

    My original plan was to head west to Yellowstone (and Grand Teton) National Park for a few days before heading back home to the Denver area.

    When I first planned out my trip, the forecast for Yellowstone was in the mid-50s each day. The latest weather forecast shows snow and single-digit temps for the Yellowstone area. I can all-but scratch my idea to go to Yellowstone.

    So I’ll be in eastern South Dakota with a week to get to Denver. Where should I go in between?


    The red shows my original plan out to Yellowstone (circled in black). The blue line shows a straight line between my start and ending points, roughly 700 miles. I have a week. Any thoughts where to go in between?

    I should add that I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the Black Hills area of South Dakota. I’ve been to the National Park a couple times. Been to Rushmore a couple of times. Crazy Horse once a long time ago. Spent a day in Sturgis and Deadwood. No reason I can’t go again, I guess. But I’d like to see someplace new.

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    An inmate who lives near Breckenridge in CO says the Aspens are getting past their prime color. maybe you could overshoot Denver and go further south toward the San Juans and catch better weather? Or head S then come up into the NE quadrant of NM for the same purpose? Whats the weather in the Medicine Bow NF area above home? Some CG's will be closed but a neat area indeed and more direct to Denver too.
    We had planned to go there this late Sept but family stuff took that trip away.
    Here in KY we are in such a record drought that the countryside looks parched and dying! One of those years when it goes from 100 degs to chilly-really! A one hundred year drought yet a normal annual rainfall year that ruined our gardens with too much rain then nurned up what was left with a one hundred year record number of 90+ degree days, including this week in October when it's usually cool here.
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    Off the beaten track in the Sandhills of Nebraska? ?
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