Looking for OSM map (northern) Europe with best appearance on Garmin GPSmap 278

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    Dec 29, 2008
    Cottbus, Germany
    Hey Advriders,

    I'm looking for some good maps for my Garmin 278 for my four week long trip through scandinavia this june. I got the City Navigator 2008, which would be ok, but I want something a bit more detailed in case of offroad tracks and with the CN being 10 years old now it's also a good idea to give it an upgrade.

    I tried a big variety of open street maps on my device within the last weeks. I can't really find "the right one" which fits my desires about the appeance on the display. Tried Frikart, OpenTopo, Freizeitkarte, MotoRoute and some other OSMs but there often are little issues like zoom-in-problems, e.g:

    -in one product some streets disappear in a special zoom level, but work in both the next and the one before
    -on another map name tags for waterbodies constantly flood my display and can't be turned off, whatever function I use. It's a big problem when zooming out to 20km scale in scandinavia ...
    -white / beige background with white narrow roads drawn on it - no chance to see anything ...
    -I can't turn out contour lines when using Freizeitkarte -> slow loading of the maps when zooming and way too much information

    I almost tried every single option the device offers me for adjusting the map appearance with every product, none of them turns out to be perfect.

    So who of you found a perfect Openstreetmap that will mesh with the Garmin GPSmap278 ?

    Or who of you tried with varying the typefiles of any map to change the appearance ?

    Best, Martin