Looking for some riding pals (I'm near Miami)

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  1. RiderForge

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    Oct 30, 2017
    Miramar, FL
    I'm new to South Florida (Pembroke Pines) and, predictably, having trouble finding trails to ride within a reasonable distance. I'm accepting I will be forced to trailer a bike at least 2 hours north.

    I was in Fort Lauderdale for 2 years for a residency before briefly moving to Asheville NC. A job opening and a complaining girlfriend brought me back to South Florida after only 6 months. In the end I did get a promotion and we're surrounded by her family here.

    Before moving back I sold my gen1 klr650; my first dual sport and taste of dirt. I'm without a bike at the moment, but it won't take me too long to save for another and a trailer. I figure it'll probably take a while to find some people to ride with anyway. I'm thinking my next ride will be a lighter 250 to 400cc dual sport.

    I'm about to turn 35 this week. I'm originally from NH where I rode strictly street, primarily alone, for 8 years. Dirt is still new to me. I've only ever ridden on easy fire roads but I loved it. I'm converting to dirt as much as possible. In the past I rebuilt all of my bikes, did all the maintenance, and I'm self taught. I prefer second-hand Japanese bikes. I'm a hospital pharmacy manager with IT training in school again for another business degree. I don't really care much for work or my job; I'd rather be outside. I hope to retire as early as possible.

    Let me know if you're around the area or at least riding anywhere near the middle of Florida. I will probably end up doing weekend trips or single days if it's reasonable to cover the ground in a day.
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    I'm just a bit west of you in the Naples area. When you get squared away with a scoot, let me know, we can meet halfway in the Res area, and ride the Big Cypress area. I perch on a new RE Himalayan, do some gentle off road, as I'm not a young dude anymore. Good Luck on the hunt..
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    My GF says you need to dump her and find yourself a sugar momma! Life is too short to be working all the time. Move up to central FL, there are a bunch of rich widows up here in the Villages!:jack
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    I'm in Weston and my brother and I ride around on the levees a bit on our GS's. Holylands, Rotenberger and Miami Canal. There is not much else sadly. Since the connection between Rotenberger and the Indian lands are temporary closed, it is more difficult to access those from there unless you want to be on I-75 for a bit and pay a toll...:( or ride all the way around toward Clewiston...
    We have the miles on our bikes to prove we're riding all over too...:umph
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