Looking for that perfect thread. NS, NL, TLT trip 2020

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Tim Graichen, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Hi all,

    My buddy and I are planning on doing a one month loop out of Ohio to NS, NL, and the TLT. We don't have more than 4 weeks. We hope to camp and eat as much as possible. I'm hoping that someone can point me to a post that outlines the perfect route, nature, beautiful riding and best coastal camping?

    Should this be a clockwise or counterclockwise route? Best month, weather, insects etc.? Mid Aug-mid Sep?

    Best Ferries, based on destination and riding, not on time or cost?

    I'm figuring 2 days puts us in Bar Harbor,ME with a ferry to NS on day three. should I figure 1 week in NS and another week in NL? More or less either place?

    Best routes around NS and NL? Must see / camp at places?

    Once on the mainland Labrador, how much time to allow back to Quebec without rushing?

    Just trying to get an idea how to divide up four weeks to make the most out of our ride.

    Thank you all!!!

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    Countless threads in trip planning will have this covered, but I'll add my 2cents.

    Clockwise, Gaspe in Qc, across Labrador, into Nfld but don't just go south to NS. Go east across the Rock hitting some of the coastal areas. Get the ferry from Argentia to Cape Breton, Cabot trail. Coastal routes around NS then your ferry back to the US.

    That's a nutshell response, with a ton of info within that route.