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    Hello Everyone!

    So I was supposed to go to Vegas for a Bachelor party over Labor Day weekend and obviously that looks like a bad idea at this point, so we are looking for other suggestions that would be within driving distance (within 8 hours roughly) of Central IL and to be able to social distance.

    With these ideas we were thinking of doing some forest roads/light offloading. Right now my best plan is to do the smoky mountain 500, mostly because I've done it and know my friends riding ability and my jeep but looking for other suggestions.

    We will have 6-7 people with 4 bikes and one jeep. The jeep is a 2018 sahara with 35's but one problem is that the 2 of the people in the group haven't done trips like this so one motorcyclist will probably be in the jeep with the 2 noobs jut to make sure things go well. Any suggestions on good areas out there?

    One guy suggested Silver Lake Sand Dunes but feel we would be bored in a day.

    Picture of my trip this may for attention
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    Nice bike! Just a suggestion, but you might get some better feedback if you post this question in the regional forum.
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