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    Im here in Northern AZ and I made the mistake of venturing out on some forest roads today. I say mistake as the mud here is unbelievable and it got the better of me. In short I had abandon my bike and walk out a few miles to the highway and get picked up by the wife. I marked my bikes location with my Explorist 100. Track log wise I could retrace my path going in the way I rode in. However GPS coordinates where the bike was left and marked as a POI are far from what google earth shows as its location that I know it to be close to. Same with marking our home. Sitting here I marked our house as a POI, yet when looking it up on Google maps/earth the Explorist coordinates are far from matching what Google says. Im thoroughly confused. Good thing I didnt have a heart attack er something Id be buzzard bait. What am I doing wrong here?
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    There are several different formats for GPS coordinates. Check that - it can throw you a long way off.
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    Dec 21, 2005
    Northern AZ
    To follow up I was able to find and recover my bike Friday afternoon. Very humbling experience putting my mud and snow riding abilities to the test. The GPS was irreplaceable in finding the bike and when I returned home to clear off several points of interest it crashed and did some kind of reboot that said was in some type of fail. Shut it off and restarted it and it seems to be working OK. Surely was a blessing I got it out considering we had a foot on new snow last night,the poor thing would have froze to death out there in the forest.
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    Sooo, stay out of the forest when it's muddy. Don't be "that guy"...you know, again.
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    glad it worked out.. another tip.. never have just one source for navigation.. have paper maps, and know how to use them - i.e. have a real compass and know how to triangulate your location - might want to also carry a spot or InReach. I usually carry two stand alone GPS's, my phone, a paper map, and a spot.. don't be a burden to your family and risk lives and expense of first responders..
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    Almost all GPS's and map programs use WGS84 Datum. It's rare that you'd not be using it unless you're in some type of GIS program or using old maps.

    Without knowing exactly what your problem was, I'm just gonna drop this here. I learned it on ADVRider years ago and don't know where to find the thread...

    The formats NorthernTraveller mentioned above can be as simple as decimal degrees or degrees, minutes, seconds. I don't know what you had, but here some fun stuff.

    If you look at these coordinates: 37.802774 -122.405954 you can calculate out the minutes and seconds to get the other format.
    The degrees never change; 37 is North 37 degrees or N37. -122 is West 122 degrees or W122.

    Since we know each degree breaks down by 60 minutes and each minute breaks down by 60 seconds, was can multiply and divide to get them.
    The first decimal breaks down like this: .802774*60= 48.1664. So now we have N37 48.1664 (Degrees Minutes)
    Then we take the decimal from that calculation and do it again: .1664*60= 09.984.
    So now we have N37 48 09.984 (Degrees Minutes Seconds)

    Let's do the other set: -122
    .405954*60= 24.35724
    .35724*60= 21.4344
    W122 24 21.4344

    So now lets compare:
    37.802774 -122.405954

    N37 48 09.984 W122 24 21.4344

    Converting back is as simple as dividing them by 60.
    N37 48 09.984
    09.984/60= .1664
    48.1664/60= .80277333
    So we are right back at 37.802774


    Maybe this is what you were looking for. Maybe not.