Lost!, Next to some Woods: in NW Alabama

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    Sep 29, 2018
    Birmingham, AL
    Lost!, Next to some Woods: in NW Alabama, February 2, 2019

    tree snip.PNG
    Not a bad place to be lost.

    If, you can find the place!

    I’ll explain…

    being lost is just a state of mind,
    not a matter of not knowing where you are...

    So, not really lost, I knew where I was—I was in America!
    just “unable to find my way”;
    …might be a much better way of describin’ this report.

    All my plans had been, relatively laid out, well in advance. Make a quick run
    downtown, to capture a photo I didn’t have of the road construction, that
    I needed to complete my story: To The Top; of Red Wolfe Moon Mountain::

    …then head out to Bankhead National Forest.


    It was a great day for a ride. The weather was cooperating, fabulously really;
    as it is in the south sometimes.

    Actually, …Hot! if you consider I was in full-on winter apparel…

    construction snip.PNG
    Construction Pic I was after.
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    Sep 29, 2018
    Birmingham, AL
    I even got in-n-out of the “construction zone” with almost no traffic, seeing it was
    still an extremely new construction site, and hardly anyone else seemed to know
    the best way around it.

    Me, I lucked out, while everyone else was trying to work their way back to where
    they thought the road “should” be… I just kept going straight (parallel) to the
    demolished freeway… and somehow? Popped out just beyond where the Hwy was
    demolished: found myself virtually alone on Interstate 20, if you can imagine that,
    and off I went.

    road 4 pic.PNG
    “Take-me-to-the-River”… Mountains

    So, and, and… there they are… Mountains! (I’m beginning to dig Mountains…).

    To keep it real, I quickly exited I-20 on ole, US 78.

    Now, close to Birmingham (AL), 78 is kind of congested, like the way an ole US Hwy’s
    suppose to be, with lots of commerce and such… but… figured 78’d turn into the
    above before to long…

    …but it was much further past where I anticipated… so, I’ll probably chose the “New”
    I-22, that runs up to Memphis from B’ham in the future… just to skip all the red-lights…
    ...ah, boring!

    And when I got to Jasper, I jumped on CR #5, then quickly onto CR 195.

    All was good. Smaller two lane. CR 195 has lot’s of scenery, “Live Bate” type shops,
    Hunting Establishments; Taxidermist, and Beverage Stations… and School supplies—
    (all housed in one building)… ha! (the South!, got to love it.)

    There’s lots of Hunting and Fishing in this area… good stuff…

    Now, to find CR 333.

    hand map snip.PNG
    The Plan.

    Simple; easy, little run in the country… Right!... (he said…), and that’s where the crazy began.

    Ok, First: shameful, but oh-so-true; is, that I believe a lot of folks in Alabama like to proudly
    display the street-signs, of their “Own” streets,… in their “Man-Caves”…

    Then Second: Broke. Alabama, the whole state… is kind of like live’n-in-the “country”.
    (so, if you choose to venture down here, “anywhere”… don’t be surprised if you find
    a “Lot”, of signs miss’n.) and, (‘cuase we ain’t got enough money to “keep” replace’n’m,
    there just going to be gone, or broken, or unreadable…).

    Thirdly: I don’t particularly enjoy wearing my “Real” glasses when I’m ride’n.

    They, “just need adjusting”, the lady at the glasses place said on the phone…

    Heck! Their; (my glasses place) way on the other side of town. I’m a busy guy. I ain’t
    got time to be running all over town to “get” my eye-glasses “adjusted”, I just go
    without them, when I’m driving, …but that means everything’s like, well,… well…
    ...a little blurry!

    I’m fine with that.

    DPS said I could see without them.
    It’s just a little… fuzzy, like “Soft-Focus”…

    …”all”, the time…

    No prob, I dig that.

    sign snip.PNG
    Ah! ? I found the place…

    All, was “still” good…

    Shadows were getting a bit long… (long story, I’ll not trouble you with right now)
    but, this wasn’t going to be one of those long-runs anyway… (actually, secretly…
    was just looking for a little Dirt to goof-around in).

    school sign.PNG
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    Sep 29, 2018
    Birmingham, AL
    Place’s got signs and such; talking about stuff…

    But I was pretty much on task; finding CR 333.

    Although, there’s a “Fourth” issue.
    Let’s just say, my cellular company and me… we had a little trouble getting all
    my pictures from off my phone… onto my computer…

    …and I, (we), in the process, burned up all my “cellular-data-minutes.” So, I was
    reluctant to use my map’n stuff on my phone at this juncture…
    (member the broke thing; ain’t got no money…) So,

    Yep! Note-cards.
    In my tank bag.
    …need I say a lot more about that…

    Besides, all I had to do was find CR 333. How difficult could that be?

    Well… real hard! It turns out.

    If somebody stole the sign.
    You ain’t got your glasses on.
    And, you already used up all your “data!”

    dirt road snip 333.PNG
    See! Dirt!

    Don’t that look like dirt to Y’all?
    That’s all I was looking for…

    But, did I find any: Nooooo!

    I rode for a bit,…
    then… a bit more…

    saw a bunch of old houses and stuff…
    then, trees!... “Yes”!...
    then, a bunch more houses, and a bunch of clear-cut property???

    ??? thought this was a “National Forest”???

    ?? we let folks cut down trees in Our “National Forest”??, I’ll not digress…

    Did find this road, I’ll call it, 23, because I can’t remember the real number anymore…

    Weird deal!

    But, I was have fun. I was, rolling along, having a bang-up time, although having
    to squint to see each sign as I passed it (because I wasn’t wearing my miss-aligned
    before mentioned glasses):

    Only to pass #23 again? Real weird.

    (thought I just past it, anyway…)

    Then/so, still at great personal risk, went on, looking for CR 333, rounded a few more
    corners, and saw a familiar sign in the distance… 23!

    Ok, I know I’m not going in a circle… the Sun’s on the left!

    I thought, alright! next time I see that #23 come up, I’m taking it.

    Wasn’t sure where I’d end up,
    But, I was doing it.

    bird pic.PNG
    Man (shoe) eating wildlife.

    Then it popped up again…

    …and ah, Nope, could do it. Kept hearing those weird tunes in my head like you hear
    watching Alfred Hitchcock films. Kept thinking large flocks of birds were about to start
    diving at me, (don’t know why I was so worried, wouldn’t have seen them anyway…
    no glasses…) but, couldn’t do it.

    Seemed like that #23 road was also like a Snake! that was wrapped all around CR 195…
    just lay’n there like a trap, waiting to bite me on the leg as I road by.

    Actually, as I also found out, that CR 195 road does goes a long way; dipping in and out
    of the “Forest.” That’s why I kept running in an out of trees, then houses and clear cut…

    As for ole #23? Ain’t going there. Don’t care where it goes… too weird!

    cort house snip.PNG


    And to my surprise, found out CR 195 obviously goes all the way to Haleyville, AL!

    Ah, I know where Haleyville is. And that ain’t where I was supposed to be.

    My son-in-law’s folks live in Haleyville. (Don’t tell them I was up there!) (don’t want
    them up-set, ‘cause I didn’t stop by)).

    …Wouldn’t have wanted to see me anyway… I wasn’t real happy about then…
    (if you know what I mean…)….!!!

    So at that point, quickly did some re-calculations in my head… (actually, turned
    on my mapping tool on my phone, but, for just a few minutes…) and figured out
    how I wanted to get back home… (then turned it back off real fast…)

    stack of wood.PNG
    Did see: several cool stacks of ? Fire-Wood??? Ha!
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    Sep 29, 2018
    Birmingham, AL
    Was going to go over there… and… (pee!)

    But, that there sign on that post says; “Don’t” come over here and Pee…

    …remembered all them Hunting-Store places…
    didn’t want anyone to get all “happy”
    and go target practicing on my ...self.
    ha! Bet you thought I was going
    to say “rear.”

    So, I pee’d by the road… figured that way everyone would know what I was doing…

    Was a delightful Sunset, though.

    So, all wasn’t lost.

    There’s some pretty wicked riding up there in them parts,
    if you catch my drift.

    I’m for shore going back.

    Food was in order though, at this juncture.

    I like “Jack’s”. I eat there. Don’t care much for that big “M” place; not anymore.
    Just every once in a while, when I get all nostalgic, then, I’m good again for another
    year or so…

    bike in dark.PNG
    Then rode home.

    and wrote this…

    as I ate those…

    oh, I’m going back to Bankhead National Forest,
    now that I know where it is.
    Just you wait.
    You’ll see.

    hope all is well.
    Until next time,

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    Sep 4, 2018
    N central florida
    Enjoyed your post, really good time!
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    Nov 5, 2005
    I live in east Alabama and have never noticed signs missing like you mentioned.
    Not sure what's going on where you are riding .
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    May 28, 2008
    Huntsville , Al
    I have seen signs missing in Alabama as well as Ga. There is a road in NW GA that always has it's sign stolen. The name of that road is Hog Jowl Road:D
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    Sep 29, 2018
    Birmingham, AL
    hey man: how's it going?
    yeah, I want to get back up there and check out "Flint Creek ATV multiuse trail." it was impassible last time I was up there... need to let it dry out a little... ha!
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    Sep 29, 2018
    Birmingham, AL
    thanks man! really appreciate the affirmation.
  11. klaviator

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    May 28, 2008
    Huntsville , Al
    Even when the Flint Creek trail is dry it's still has mud holes and lots of rocks. It's never easy.
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    Sep 29, 2018
    Birmingham, AL
    noted! will keep that in mind.
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    Sounds like a fun ride. Dangit, I haven't been around Birmingham since... 1987, maybe?

    Not an exclusively Southern phenomenon. Here in the Midwest farm country, it's hit-or-miss whether there's going to be a sign on the top of that pole on the corner (there's a short county road called "HARLEY ROAD" a few miles from here; I think the county's given up on that sign). Sometimes there's not even a pole. And even if there is a pole, and a sign, they can't be trusted. The road department likes to mount their signs in these fixtures that sit on top of a round pole and hold two signs at right angles... and the kids (at least I assume it's the kids and not their parents) like to loosen the fixture and rotate it 90 degrees. Great fun!

    Have you considered installing a free, stand-alone GPS app on your phone? I have used two: MapFactor Navigator on an Android and Magic Earth on an iPhone. Both are free downloads, both use the free Open Street Maps (which you download for free over Wi-Fi, either at home or at someplace like a McD's with free Wi-Fi), and both use the phone's built-in GPS. No cell-data required. Matter of fact, for the last couple years I've had a retired-from-service (too obsolete to actually work as a phone) iPhone 4 loaded up with Magic Earth mounted on my bikes. Phone doesn't even have a SIM card in it, display says "NO NETWORK," but it still speaks to my home wi-fi and navigates just fine. Of course the maps take up space, but since you can download them for free it's no big deal to install the ones you need for a specific trip and then delete them when you get home.
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    Sep 29, 2018
    Birmingham, AL
    oh wow! no, haven't heard of such an app. ((new to this "smart" phone thing...) had to get it... got in trouble with the family... wandering off and not telling them where I was going... ha! imagine that....)

    i'll check into them... thanks for sharing, pops