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    Quick back story. I've been racing dirtbikes for over 20 years. Late last fall I finally bought a KTM 990 from a friend's dad that I race with. Since I HATE cold weather, to the point we head south to ride dirtbikes a few times throughout the winter, the 990 sat. Fast forward to spring and its race season so the big girl gets neglected as we are on the go. Well, with a broken collarbone racing gets put on hold and I start riding the 990. I finally did what I wanted to do, pack a tent on the bike and head out. I personally get bored on just road rides so the gravel portions were enough to keep my attention. I managed to get about half of section 5, all of section 6 and half of section 7 in on Saturday and found a spot to camp for the night. Sunday brought a not so great weather forecast so I headed out early to finish 7 and found the expert section which was fun. As the rain was getting harder I decided to do the 2 hour road ride home fron the end of 7. As this little adventure didn't replace my love of racing it did just create another true interest in 2 wheel adventures. I look forward to find more challenging type trail for the big girl and getting into this side of riding a little more.
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    Sweet! Motorcycles- it's all good right? There is something definitely different about living off your bike for a night or two or 30 and going anywhere you want. You'll find yourself planing the next trip now.