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    Apr 25, 2011
    Thanks will do ... I would definitely like to explore Philippines !

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    Mar 20, 2016
    Sorry about your bike. At least you weren’t on it. Glad to see you can still continue. PM me if you make it to Thailand.
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    Apr 25, 2011
    So I finished this first leg of the adventure. While I did not go as far as I’d intended, many great things came out of it, and overall I am grateful and very lucky.

    The 701 stays in Ljubljana with my buddies at the husky dealer there to wait the verdict of the insurance. I’m off to Indo and south east Asia to continue the adventure somewhere warmer.

    I took a flight from Ljubljana to Belgrade, had a late dinner with my friends. A few hours later I took the first flight to Frankfurt on to Singapore, Bali

    I’m also a bit of an aviation geek. I had always wanted to fly Singapore airlines. It did not disappoint... the highlight is how friendly the staff is... A long but excellent haul.

    De icing at Ljubljana

    View attachment 1436598

    Belgrade Blok from the air

    View attachment 1436612

    Btw I love my adv spec linesman jacket, I’ve worn it every single day since the summer weather is over and take out the pads and it’s super comfy as an after riding jacket...

    View attachment 1436620

    The 380 at the gate

    View attachment 1436603

    Service on Asian airlines in general is so friendly

    View attachment 1436605

    Love the scooter lines at the gas station in Denpasar

    View attachment 1436622

    Mi malamadre rental at Canggu ... actually a great ride but very different to the husky ! Very much like a Royal Enfield ...I’ll be switching to a knobby tyre bike anyway once I leave Canggu.

    View attachment 1436624

    Beers and grilled fish at Deus

    View attachment 1436625


    Get some rest and tomorrow to the waves !
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    Apr 25, 2011
    I wanted to do a quick recap of the first leg of this adventure to record overall where I went, some stats on the trip, and also to talk about the bike and the setup Ive been riding.

    View attachment 1437466

    Overall I think I did 18.000km
    Countries traveled through 12
    Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia.

    I don’t have the stats but I think I must have done 60/40 Tarmac-dirt maybe less. But there are portions that are just not feasible on dirt. I did try to absolutely minimise highway. And also time constraints on some parts forced me to take an asphalt option. Also I rode during the summer and early fall months and therefore had little mud. That would have just made the entire adventure more of an adventure. What I can say is that not once did the bike overheat.

    I was able to enjoy many portions of the TET and I must thank the guys who run the web and the linesmen for providing such a great source of off road enjoyment !

    What about the human experience, which is really the most rewarding and interesting aspect to travel.

    Everywhere everyone was super nice. I think that riding an adventure bike solo is a magnet for locals being extra hospitable. Also fellow riders. If you need it you will find someone to help you sooner or later. And if you don’t you will get a thousand smiles and waves. Smile back try to communicate even with sign language. Remember you are the foreigner riding through others homelands. So be humble about that and be generous not just with extra perks with the cash but with those human gestures that are more important. For example if someone wants to have their picture with you, make sure to friend them on Instagram or Facebook or simply get their email and send them the picture. Just be thankful and the entire adventure will take such a positive energy...

    Now regarding the bike and kit...

    I went through 3 oil & filter changes, 5 air filter cleans, 3 flat tyres, 2 new tyre changes, 1 rear pad change, 1 major inspection at husky Ljubljana, but no major issues at all with the bike.

    The only issue I detected very intermittently was the side stand sensor where a couple of times the bike would not start. This was solved just by kicking the stand up and down a couple of times.

    And what would I say about the bike...

    It has performed amazingly. If you are going to bias your adventure to off road (and one up) then this is your bike. Even with 50kg of additional gear there were few places I had to turn around and probably someone with better riding level would have gotten through. It will just eat up tracks. And it will cruise on road sections, though it is certainly not the most comfortable choice for that. But for those of us who see tarmac as a way to get to the next track, you can’t do much better as a long distance choice.
    Of course you could choose a lighter bike say a 450, and I would do that if you are going to adventure just for a few days/ week. If you are going round the world there are advantages to trading off some weight for maintenance intervals/comfort. But forced to move up or down displacement wise I think I would always move down. Again only valid for 1 up travel. For 2 up I would now wait for the 790 ; )

    View attachment 1438203

    Additional gas tank
    I think my setup or similar with the additional Rade gas tank is perfect for a long distance adventure from time to time it will just ensure that you don’t stress about refilling also in case you have to back track etc. Piece of mind for unexpected occurrences.
    I managed to do more than 400km on some stages which means that the bike is doing below 5 l/ 100 km bearing in mind the bike was loaded with gear. Easily 50kg more than OTS. The only fault I find is that at high temperatures the fuel was boiling over. I would improve the insulation around the tank by adding more heat shielding fabric. Make sure you vent the cap...

    View attachment 1438204

    My seat had some additional gel and I upholstered it with the Xrebel suede type material (sourced from Selle Dalla Valle). I would highly recommend the upholstery which is just very nice and dries super quick. On the other hand I’d really go for a completely new seat something like seat concepts or other but especially to widen the back part where your ass will spend hours upon hours when you’re not standing. Gel implants simply don’t make an enduro based design comfy. And my seat was very heavy... keeping the seat light is important because the weight is high up. You also need to check that the seat underside doesn’t touch the air filter (modified location with the additional tank) because essentially you’ll loose that as functional filter area.

    View attachment 1438205

    Whilst I really appreciate aftermarket companies for offering solutions that the manufacturer (for reasons that still puzzle me) doesn’t offer, this piece of kit has major flaws. But first it’s good features : the lights. The LED lights are very good and easily adjustable (the only easy thing about the assembly!). But even so, if you’re gonna do some night riding I would go for auxiliary lights or put some even stronger high beam, just for off road or without oncoming traffic situations. You really need as much light as you can get ! Also the fairing offers many fixture points and you can set it up so that it meets your needs (is not easy though !)

    View attachment 1438206

    What are the flaws of the nomad tower and fairing?

    First if you need to take it apart (and you will at some point, one of the connections will undoubtedly come loose or you’ll just want to connect something new etc) it is ridiculous how difficult and time consuming it is. When I took my bike to Boano I was having a problem with the Garmin cradle which wasn’t charging. The mechanic there was appalled, he showed me how they fit same size screws and quick releases on the rally bikes so that assembly and maintenance can be done as quickly as possible using the least tools. This should be embedded in all adventure or racing motorbike engineers when designing access to regular maintenance points on bikes. And especially aftermarket companies as they are usually DIY kits. Some of the bolts are so difficult to access and tighten that the affair is about as dreaded as a flat tyre !! And I bought my bike with the fairing already installed. Cannot imagine the assembly...

    View attachment 1438207

    Secondly, aerodynamically the whole thing makes zero sense. It just doesn’t aid at all, all it does is create buffeting even at lower speeds 80km/h. The windscreen is simply too vertical and should be raked back at an angle. I’ve been standing much of the time also to avoid the horrible effect. I think if they simply raked the windscreen a few degrees back it would solve the problem at the speeds this bike is intended to be ridden. I know some people have modified the installation and done this.

    Having said all of this the bike gets lots of compliments on its looks in great part due to the rally style fairing.

    Luggage racks
    The nomad racks are very good, lightweight and sturdy there is little to fault here, especially as they do the job yet add little bulk or weight to the bike.

    View attachment 1438208

    I used Enduristan monsoon 3 panniers and they are very well designed and built. I would definitely stick to soft bags as you will drop the bike and soft bags are completely forgiving since they absorb the fall and will not cause any damage to racks or the fixtures. The downside with this type of pannier is that you they don’t come with a lock mechanism. I solved this by using a motion sensing brake lock and a cable lock to wrap around the entire luggage assembly. The motion sensing is great for quick travel stops because it will deter anyone from touching the bike.

    View attachment 1438209

    I also used a giant loop tank bag and that was fantastic, can’t praise it enough for being such a great design and keeping key stuff easily accessible and completely waterproof. So easy to attach and remove as well as for refuelling.

    View attachment 1438210

    Rally foot pegs
    You really want to switch to wider footpegs when you are going to cover so many miles. They just add comfort and safety when standing give you more confidence and ease the soles of your boots.

    I was running a Leo Vince exhaust and I would not recommend this system unless you are simply racing. The noise level is ridiculous even as fitted with a DB killer. It will wear you out (and those around you!). Many praise the Arrow system so I would try that or an Akra but you need something that is reasonably muted for long distance.

    View attachment 1438211

    I used Pirelli mt-21 and also a Pirelli scorpion rally rear. I like the mt-21 for trail performance, though they are not the most durable. The scorpion is much more fast piste oriented and less grippy on the technical stuff so choose that if you are doing fast straighter routes... And I always bias performance vs durability as long as you can find replacement tires... and fortunately this was the case where I was travelling, but for more remote regions you have to weigh in the option of going for a longer durability tyre. But that’s a personal decision, as your entire setup will be.

    This is just my little grain of salt. Hope it is useful.

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    Apr 25, 2011
    First days in Bali on the bike I rented at Malamadre in Canggu.

    View attachment 1439274

    A few days of getting back to the surfing here, enjoy the great food and vibe. Then my idea is to do a route around the island and end up in Ulluwatu. I stayed there last year and I know some people there.

    View attachment 1439279

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    Apr 25, 2011
    I’m now in the lake and volcano central north part of the island.

    This is the route so far:

    First 3 days in Canggu

    At Malamadre bike shop

    View attachment 1446160

    Nice scrambler

    View attachment 1446177

    Cool poster

    View attachment 1446176

    The bike I picked

    View attachment 1446166

    I was a bit disappointed they hadn’t reserved a bike with knobbies so I took what was available and agreed to come back before continuing my trip to switch bikes.

    The infamous shortcut to Canggu

    View attachment 1446161

    Filling the first bike up fun to watch how they manually pump the pre filler which has volume and price markers!

    Going for a few rides up the coast west of Canggu in the rice paddies

    View attachment 1446173

    View attachment 1446174

    Local food and bintang of course!

    View attachment 1446175

    The Balinese statues are always impressive

    View attachment 1446178

    View attachment 1446180

    Someone very tiny is interested in the bike

    View attachment 1446181

    Heading from Canggu to Medewi on back roads / tracks on the “new” bike

    View attachment 1446184

    View attachment 1446187

    Rainy season

    View attachment 1446188

    Arriving in Medewi, the famous point break

    View attachment 1446190

    As soon as I arrived this veteran looking local came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go out and surf together. Of course I did ! So literally 5min after that we were surfing the wave, being low season there were very few people and we managed to get some nice rides...
    It turns out Eddy also manages a surf villa and rents rooms there so he set me up. Everything so smooth... that’s what I love about travelling without a very fixed plan, you go on your instinct and intuition and meet all kinds of people...


    View attachment 1446192

    Eddys assistant

    View attachment 1446200

    The villa and rice paddies around it beautiful and authentic setting

    View attachment 1446191

    View attachment 1446203

    View attachment 1446204

    Getting food at the Rasta cafe it is awesome!!

    View attachment 1446193

    View attachment 1446195

    View attachment 1446196

    The next day I went surfing again. After I met a fisherman on a bike carrying a whole bag full of small lobsters so I bought the entire thing. I think it was 2 kilos for 20€.

    Eddy’s mother cooked it for us and his family...amazing !

    View attachment 1446208

    View attachment 1446217

    In Medewi I met Iker, a fellow surfer and countryman from San Sebastián.

    We went surfing together and for a small beach run on the bikes...

    View attachment 1446212

    View attachment 1446215

    View attachment 1446216

    The next day I left Medewi and made my way up to the lake and volcano region

    View attachment 1446219

    View attachment 1446220

    Sacred tree at Bunut Bolong

    View attachment 1446223

    As I climbed it rained more and more ... by now that was a severe downpour, I had little visibility, was drenched and getting cold.

    I stopped at a warung and got some soup and hot tea and watched it come down...

    View attachment 1446224

    View attachment 1446225

    Funny wooden scooter


    Where I stayed


    Sate on hot coals for dinner very good


    Breakfast on the porch, ready to move on now !

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    Apr 25, 2011
    The rest of the route took me around the lake to visit Ulun Danu Batur temple and then on south through Ubud, onto Bukit.

    View attachment 1450332

    But my clutch cable was gone so I stopped at the first repair shop to get it fixed and also replace the tail light which had also blown. It’s amazing how many small scooter and small moto repair shops there, and they will nearly always fix the issue for you. Amazing service and super affordable!

    View attachment 1450336

    Lake Danau Bujan with an ongoing shoot almost nearly covered by fog and clouds

    View attachment 1450334

    The Danu Batur temple and the impressive views of Mount Batur also partially hidden by clouds

    View attachment 1450335

    View attachment 1450337

    View attachment 1450338

    View attachment 1450339

    On my way to Ubud I spotted this “KTM” Honda with its proud owner and his son

    View attachment 1450340

    View attachment 1450341

    Ubud was majorly crowded so I continued down to the Bukit

    Love the sign

    View attachment 1450342

    Next day at Pondok Indah (Aka Linny’s)

    View attachment 1450343

    Checking out Padang to Dreamland from one of my favourite cliff spots

    View attachment 1450344

    I must say the Bukit is a gem. I had already spent a month there in May 2017 and now although the swell was small I had the best 3 days surfing Balangan and Padang and catching up with friends

    Binging Beach and Kelly’s... such a classic... well worth the steps ; ) my favourite sunset place

    View attachment 1450592

    Checking out a friends new plot of land. Awesome !!


    Another cool bike at Balangan


    Surf buddies (from Valencia) at Padang we saw a whale swim by while surfing and also turtles ! What a place ...


    Best post surf snack, at the aunties corner, Padang Padang


    The funniest scooter in the world


    Making my way to return the bike Murphy’s law and flat front on the steep descent to Jimbaran. Thank goodness I had time to
    Spare (well so I mistakenly thought!)


    Ended up missing my flight to Kuala Lumpur but managed to get another later flight.

    Super friendly locals, word class waves, amazing reefs and nature, friends, moto riding around the rice paddies and temples, increíble food... Bali never disappoints it just makes you want to come back!

    Next Malaysia !
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    Aug 10, 2017
    Dumaguete City, Philippines
    Seems you had a blast in Bali. It makes me come back every year as well.

    I don't know why but in your last few posts I only see very few pictures (last six in the most recent one, last 4 before that). The others only show as "view attachment" links which, when clicked, tell me I don't have permission to view it.
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    Apr 25, 2011
    That’s strange I thought it was only my phone but the pics are not showing either in Tapatalk or on the website... strange that only the last few show... I’ll try to research what might be causing that. I use Tapatalk to upload the content and it coincides with me switching SIM cards for Asia so maybe there’s something permission wise there, hmm...
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    Nov 25, 2018
    Same here. I didnt know if it was me or it was happening to everyone.
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    Apr 25, 2011
    I wrote an email to support will share when they respond.
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    Apr 25, 2011
    This is the response regarding the problem publishing pics :


    Thank you for contacting Tapatalk!

    It is a forum restriction, you would notice that on forum website direct photo upload is also not enabled. Please report to the forum admin as requests from members are looked into more quickly.”

    I’ll relay to the forum admin then
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    Nov 25, 2018
    Btw love your RR, very inspirational. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience.
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    May 12, 2014
    great RR! thank you
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    Apr 25, 2011
    The next portion of the trip was a loose plan to fly to Kuala Lumpur, meet up with a friend from Spain, and head up Malaysia and Thailand, and onwards...
    I won’t go into the most detail on the non biking part of the travels until we got to Chiang Mai and rode to Laos.

    Bali to KL


    This has basically been our itinerary, buses and ferries:


    First 24h in Kuala


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    Apr 25, 2011
    We took the bus from KL to Cameron Highlands, to visit tea plantations and a very amazing moss rain forest.

    We got an early picnic of banana roti and headed up to the rain forest.


    The guide told us that these moss rain forests only occur at a certain altitude amd climate and are very rare, that we should tread lightly and carefully in order to preserve the moss and its soil and ecosystem. It was truly a special experience and we did feel at the same time guilty as if we shouldn’t really be there...but I guess once in a lifetime so you can experience and get some knowledge of it, and then maybe unless you go to contribute to it’s preservation, it’s probably best to leave it be.

    It was early morning but quite clear from the clouds, so we got some amazing views of the forest.


    This plant captures rain and dew water in its cup and it lures insects into it and then feeds from there.


    The view of the tea fields, smaller than those in Sri Lanka but always beautiful...we visited the plantation and learnt a lot about tea production.

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    Apr 25, 2011
    After the excursion we headed from Cameron Highlands to Penang island first by bus and then a short ferry ride. The bus driver was very insistent on the use of sick bags as the road was very windy... I kept thinking that the guy beside me was going to barf and that I should be on a bike here... hehe


    Singing and entertainment at the local food market in Georgetown. Very entertaining !

    Btw the food in Georgetown (and for that matter in Malaysia) really lives up to its fame as super delicious and varied. Anything from Malay curries, Indian, Chinese and Thai specialities are readily available and the best food is always right on the street and where the locals are lining up.

    Walking the colonial influenced streets of Georgetown


    Famous street art murals


    View of bay from the boardwalk and cool bbq

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    Apr 25, 2011
    From Penang we took a boat to the island of Langkawi. We were excited about enjoying some island beach time !


    Beautiful arrival to the island, we stayed at a very cool little resort.


    There was a Malaysian wedding reception there and photo session for the bride and groom



    We stayed just one night on Langkawi and then organised to hop over by boat to Kho Lipe just over the border with Thailand
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    Wandering in Wisconsin
    Welcome back, bro! Nice to see ya :beer
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    Apr 25, 2011
    Thanks truth is that I’ve been having issues posting photos so for the moment I’m gonna post shorter entries with max 4 pics, also Tapatalk seems only to work sometimes... anyway just some tech hitches but otherwise life is !
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