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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Bubblehead, Jan 25, 2006.

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    This is an issue. What I now do is create a series of routes. Each route includes the MG4 base map for the area I am travelling in. Saves space and I found you can load a decent number of maps along with your route file (Legend-C is 24 mb). This is usually good for a full day of riding (~700 kms). If on an over nighter, and I am travelling further instead of back home, I load the 2nd day's route, with the base maps for that route, and delete the previous day's route/maps. It means travelling with a laptop - but it works. This is how I've planned/routed my Atlantic Canda trip.

    Another issue to consider, depending on the Garmin unit, is that some models have a 'via point' limit. The e-Trex series is 50 via points per route. This is easily tweaked by going through each via point in the Mapsource file. Again....become familiar with the software and you will find a work-around for the quirks. Some of this stuff isn't in the manual.
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    Just a few comments: I do the same and carry my laptop on extended trips but that's a pain. That's why I'm switching from my 8MB Legend to a 60Cx with a 64MB and a 512MB MicroSD card which will eliminate the need for the laptop. Not sure if you are aware but there's a feature in Mapsource that allows you to select for upload all the maps that cover a route (select the route, right click and select "Select maps around route"), rather than manually clicking on each map section along the route.

    Regarding the Via point limit. The eTrex Legend originally had a 50 point limit, but that was upgraded a few years back to 125. The current Legend C allows for 250 waypoints. Firmware upgrades are available free at the Garmin website ( I don't know how Magellan get away with their Meridian which only allows 30 waypoints.

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    he's right

    Topo is okay, but more for use for hikers and stuff.

    I live in BC and to be honest the canada metroguide has better reference for backroads. HOEVER... The maps used to create metroguide and topo were based on information and surveys/maps from The Canadian governement.
    Which was last updated in the late 90's. As far as I know, the Canadian government will no longer publish the topo maps with any new information.
    So, it's kinda user beware as the maps are already inaccurate.
    Just thought someone out there might know of any updates on this?