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    I was wondering if anyone has ever used on their smartphone with the free downloadable central america maps? And if so, how good/reliable are they? I've downloaded all the offline central america maps, but obviously no way of knowing how well they work until put to the test. I do like that I can import a route and waypoints from google maps though, that just might be enough anyway.
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    been uisng OSmand +
    like design better
    like & most others, osmand uses open source maps (osm)
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    Jul 20, 2012
    Camas, WA has come to the rescue for me during my present trip through Mexico and Central America more than a few times. You just have to download from the database the map for the country you are in and it always seems to know where you are. My Garmin Zumo 660 using the OSM maps has been good also but even though it's database is quite good there are frequently places that it cannot find unless you have the lat/long coordinates. Frequently, I go to maps mode on the Garmin and pick a spot that will get me close, and then after or near arrival I use on the cellphone to take me to the exact place I want. So, it's a good combination to use both, me thinks. Enjoy.
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    I used it in Mexico last fall. It's routing function isn't perfect - which made for some unintended turns that added to the flavor of the trip. I use the app loaded on an iPad mini RAM mounted to the dash. Very pleased.