Marocco 2017 Oct 11-30 rider wanted

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    NEGANTELIS ride till die

    Dec 20, 2009
    HI. It is thought that it should move the body more thoroughly. In short I've been to Morocco 3 times.
    1x with F800GS four riders
    1X with 690R triple
    1x with 690r alone
    It feels like this time to add to this destination what's new and have the idea to ride with another mo-rmx450z This is not a tourist machine. Well, I'm not a tourist either. I have a couple of new thoughts and directions to think that it would not be so unnecessary. Will it be difficult? I think so. The keywords for this trip might be FURTHER--FASTER-GREATER-HOTTER--LONGER Some pictures of previous trips here and there 1.http: // Gal_id = 15301 2.http: // Gal_id = 15227 When? October 2017 How long? Minimum 20 days. What will you get? Unforgettable views Experience Feelings Freedom

    You can contact me