Mass Mid-State-Hamster-Puppy Dog-Tomato Loop

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  1. Addapost

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    Jun 20, 2016
    I have the current gpx tracks for a very big loop through Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont loaded and ready to go. I want to do this on my little crf250L in the next couple weeks. I guess my question is specifically for the Hamster and Puppy Dog trails for those who know, am I going to be ok for gas stops with the tiny 110 mile range on that bike? Thanks
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  2. levain

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    Just get gas when you see it. You should be fine, although my anxiety takes over and I always carry a small fuel bottle. I recommend you do the same, but you'll likely be fine. If you take off down class 4 trails and go wander a lot you could get in trouble. In the end, get gas when you see it.
  3. flei

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    I agree with levain; just gas up when and where you can. You will be very close to gas almost everywhere on the mid-state, puppy dog and tomato. You should also be fine on the southern half of the Hamster. IMO the only place you may have a problem finding gas is on the norther part of the Hampster route, so i would recommend scouting and noting gas stops for that area before you hit it. Though pretty tame on a dual sport like a CRF250, this will be a scenic and fun ride. Enjoy.