MD Fz07 rider Needs help, Car hit me, broke clutch wrist, need confidence to get back on

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    Sep 21, 2010

    do you suck at riding? are you unsafe ? some people really do suck at riding , and are unsafe. your real riding friends will tell you if either is true, listen to them. the non riding people don't have a clue, ignore them.
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    Jun 11, 2018
    Take your time. I ran my Harley straight into the belly of a big moose in August 2015. Broke my left arm real bad, and had to go weekly to the fysio therapist for 4 months. Next season I was back on the bike. Been riding as before since then. Good luck! 865509561.jpg 1470953715.jpg
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    Mar 16, 2009
    Do it or don't. I don't want to decide that for you. But if you do, just do it. Man or woman up. Don't let the fear win.

    After I was hit from behind on the freeway some years ago, before I bought another bike I was driving my car on the freeway, and a panel van filled the rear view mirror. Panic reflex wanted to strike, but I held it at bay. Didn't let it win. I was back on a bike a week and a day after the accident.

    If you need more than man or woman up as far as fighting panic, there are breathing exercises that will control it.

    I used the motorcycle to commute. Honestly I might not have gotten back on otherwise. My daughter (who used to have a motorcycle) was home on break from university, and told me if I bought another bike she'd never speak to me again. Sorry kid, need it to pay for college. She spoke to me again. Though not immediately. If it were just a toy for me, her opinion might have held more weight.

    As far as practical concerns, DCT bikes are awesome. That's what I went with when I had an injury to my clutch arm (non-motorcycle injury). Though I considered an AFM auto clutch and a Clake One light pull clutch lever.
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    Only you will know if riding is for you.
    When you sit in a car, do you stare at the bikes that go by?
    Do your ears perk up at the sound of a bike nearby when at home?
    If you are riding 'for others' and not for yourself, I wouldn't do it...
    You have to be able to fully accept that you can die, or worse, be massively debilitated.
    Death is painless for the dead, physical injuries can hurt every day of your life and brain injuries... don't get me started.
    Odds are that you will be injured again if you keep riding... how bad do you need it?
    I know my answer, take this time off the bike to find yours.
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    Feb 24, 2012
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    I had a buddy go down a few years back on his Harley. Totaled the bike, had a concussion and minor road rash (his gear prevented serious injury). He lost confidence, and wasn't sure he would ride again, although he still wanted to.

    I brought him to a YCRS* school. After attending the school, he had a much better outlook and within a few months he bought another bike and has been happily (and more safely) been riding since.

    I've attended the school a few times now, and my personal opinion is that you won't find better riding instruction to recover your confidence.

    They now run a one-day "champ-street" class that should be about right for getting confidence back. You might want to check it out.

    * Yamaha Champions Riding School
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    Dec 1, 2014
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    I'll add some more unqualified pop-psychology advice lol : blame your old bike.

    That unlucky POS cost you weeks of riding and some confidence. On a better bike, you never would have been in that accident. You would have avoided that bad driver, like you always did before when your old bike was still good and still a good fit.

    Of course when it was your fault you messed up, you owned it, and didn't lose your confidence. No reason to.. you knew why it happened.

    The unknown creates fear, and the fear interrupts your natural focus, which makes you nervous. You don't know why this happened... or when it might happen again.

    I'm telling you it was that f*cking unlucky bike. It's cursed.

    But if you dump that unlucky bike and get a better one, it'll never happen again and you'll be safe.

    Worked for me :-)
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    Jan 7, 2007
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    I was in a bad accident about 12 years ago. A month in the hospital, numerous broken bones, permanent limp. I was in physical therapy for a year regularly and then on and off for another 5 years. I took a couple of years off, but decided to start riding again.

    You might need a month, a year, several years, or you might never ride again. If you want to ride, ride. If you don't, then don't. Make your own decision.
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