Medical Evacuation Insurance for Africa

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    Nov 2, 2016
    Two of us are heading into Africa for 3 months time, from South Africa via Namibia to Ethiopia and back.
    Still need to get proper 100% reliable medical and evacuation insurance, can you guys recommend any particular one?

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    Jan 7, 2017
    Cape Town, South Africa
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    For East Africa, use AMREF Flying Doctors on top of your other travel insurance. AMREF will get you from wherever you are to Nairobi, which is the most important leg of an air evacuation and the most likely to incur delays. They have inexpensive coverage for tourists (it used to be called the Maisha plan), and--more importantly--they have planes. Often if you use coverage from a different provider, you still end up on an AMREF plane, but AMREF (and this holds true for any medical evacuation plane) will not take off until they know that they will be paid. This can cause lengthy delays while you play a back and forth telephone game with your insurance. If you have coverage directly through AMREF, they will take off as soon as they can, and you can work out whatever onward details are needed from a good hospital in Nairobi.

    I worked for several years at a rural hospital in Tanzania, and we flew out a fair number of tourists. It would take up to a day (and hours on the phone) to get a plane with regular travel insurance, and that proved to be a critical delay in some cases. We advised all of our partner organizations to require AMREF coverage for their foreign volunteers, and on the rare occasions we flew one of them out, it was a much faster, easier and smoother process.
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