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Mendo Rally 9, 2019 (3rd update Ride date)

Discussion in 'West – California, the desert southwest and whatev' started by mootsuno, Jan 31, 2019.


Mendo Rally 9

  1. Move to September

  2. Cancel this year and wait until 2020

  1. avejoe

    avejoe Long timer

    Mar 20, 2011
    Down around the corner half a mile from here
  2. mootsuno

    mootsuno Long timer Supporter

    Nov 29, 2005
    Cotati, CA
    Going up tomorrow to pick up the bike. It was unridable after the collusion. Also
    a broken wrist for the rider. We hid the bike, camouflaged it and set a way point on the GPS
    so we could find it.
    It's almost a 4 hour drive, one way, from Cotati to retrieve it. Myself and Leadman are making the journey.
    I'm pretty sure it'll be waiting for us. Cross your fingers,it's been up there since Sunday afternoon.
  3. burntflan

    burntflan burntflan

    May 7, 2004
    Santa Fe
    I guess that trumps my broken subframe. Glad everyone made it back alive! 59267995327__74CA1C27-49CB-4005-94EA-BA80DEEE226E.JPG
  4. mootsuno

    mootsuno Long timer Supporter

    Nov 29, 2005
    Cotati, CA
    Bike's back home with Ray. Doesn't look quite as bad as we originally thought.
    As long as the frame isn't cracked it looks to need only bolt on parts.

    A lovely 10 hour round trip for recovery. Of course an hour of that was at Thunderhill watching cars blast around the track.

  5. ripter

    ripter Pig Flogger

    Oct 9, 2009
    You guys are killing us lurkers... You cant post pics like that an leave us wondering? Who crashed? Are they OK? What happend? :scratch
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  6. WheelieKing1

    WheelieKing1 Adventurer

    Jan 10, 2019
    Northern California
    EA96C456-F145-4F23-952E-E2839614D278.jpeg Awesome Mendo Rally 2019! Different format but still good company and loads of good riding and fun. Here is the only picture I took one the two day ride. Intersection of Haman Ridge Rd and Betts Rd. Everyone stopped and waited for me to slowly make my way up the beautiful twisty road.
  7. WheelieKing1

    WheelieKing1 Adventurer

    Jan 10, 2019
    Northern California
    69D5E3C1-E742-483F-BB90-1F8E2553DD6A.png Here is the majority of the route. I had some phone battery issues and therefore some discontinuity in the breadcrumbs.
  8. mootsuno

    mootsuno Long timer Supporter

    Nov 29, 2005
    Cotati, CA
    Alright I finally have some time to write a ride report.

    First the riders and their bikes: Mootsuno Husky 701e, John S F650 Dakar, SanGJAN F800GS,
    Golden Taco R1200GS, Burntflan Ducati Scrambler, Ray Husky FE501, Kurt R Honda Africa Twin,
    Kris R Beta 430, Batttman F650 Dakar, Capt.saveaho KTM990.

    So a few of us met up at Peet's Coffee in Cotati for a 7am departure.
    As we were ready to roll out we noticed Ray's tire on the front of his 501
    looked low. He had filled it the night before and uses the tubliss system
    so he said it would be quicker to fix it at home than in the parking lot, he
    lives about 20 minutes away form Peet's. Ray didn't want to hold us up
    so he said he'd meet us a little later down the road.

    I think is was about 42f when we left for Willits up 101. Ride was a bit chilly on the way up.
    Burntflan was late getting to Peet's and caught up with us a few miles before we
    rolled into Willits. Kris R was riding his Beta 430 so he stayed in Willits Friday night
    and met us at Burger King just after we arrived. SanGJan wanted to start a little later than
    the rest of us and would meet us later. We grabbed a few hot beverages and by the time
    we were leaving Ray still hadn't arrived so we texted him to meet us in Fort Bragg.
    Our route was Sherwood Rd. which is about 75% dirt and figured he could ride out Hwy 20
    and meet us at Starbucks (I know, cliche) before we headed north on Hwy to Usal Rd.
    That was the plan anyway.

    Well Kurt R decided to get a front flat in the middle of the forest on his Africa Twin.
    No big deal but he didn't bring any tools or a tube. We all had tools but nobody had the 22mm
    wrench needed to remove his front wheel so we broke the bead, pulled the tube out, found
    the holes and patched them. Put it back together and gee the patch wasn't holding air.

    So now we have to replace the tube. We improvise, get the wheel off and put a new tube in.
    Worked fine but total time was 1.5 hours. Needless to say Ray was already in Fort Bragg but with no
    cell coverage in the boonies we couldn't tell him about our delay. When we arrive and check our texts,
    he thought we left him behind so he headed up the coast. Unfortunately he took the pavement all the
    way to Fortuna. We met him that evening at the hotel. SanGJan decided to take her time and just
    meet us at the hotel too.

    The rest of headed up the coast towards Usal. The coast was gorgeous, sunny, flat water and not
    much traffic. real nice pavement ride. As mentioned earlier in the thread there was a gravel bike event
    on Usal that day. It started at 9am and we didn't arrive 1pm so we thought it'd be mostly over. It was
    but we still probably passed 60 or 70 riders going the opposite way. We did dual-sporters proud and rode
    with the utmost courtesy. We would slow to a crawl and stay to the far right side of the road. Received
    a number of thumbs up and hellos from the riders. Of course there were a few that weren't happy at all
    and made faces or yelled. We just smiled and rode slowly by.

    A few miles in there was a bicycle check point and they were coming in from a different road. I asked the folks
    there if there were any cyclists up the road, they said no so up our riding pace went.

    Usal was a bit dusty but really in pretty good condition. We had a couple of slide out and low speed
    tip overs. No big deal. Kris R did twist his forks in a low side and didn't like riding with crooked bars
    so we showed him the "kick the front wheel against the steering stops" trick. Straightened the steering
    right out and he was happy.

    After Usal we got on Kings Peak rd (mostly dirt) and rode up to Honeydew. From there we headed west
    on Mattole Rd. all the way to Ferndale where we arrived in the dark. Mattole Rd. is what most folks
    consider the Lost Coast and even though it paved it's pretty messed up and a bunch of fun on a dual-sport.

    A few more miles to Fortuna and the hotel where we met Ray and SanGJan. We had dinner at Eel River Brewing,
    I guess the beer is pretty good but from my experience the food is meh. But it's a close walking distance
    from the hotel.

    Sunday morning after our lovely continental breakfast we get ready to leave and find Burntflan working on his
    bike. Unfortunately, just like last year his subframe is broken. As you can see in a previous post he patched it
    together and then decided not to risk any more damage and hwy it home.

    Our plan for the day was to head east on Hwy 36 t Alderpoint Rd and south into Mendocino Natl Forest.
    Kenny M came down from Eureka on his new 310GS and rode with us until Alderpoint Rd.
    Although Alderpoint Rd is paved it'a a lot of fun, all kinds of twisty corners and elevation changes. This area
    goes through the Emerald Triangle and it's not a good idea to venture off any roads with no tress passing signs.

    We turn off Alderpoint Rd. before we get to Alderpoint (of Murder Mtn fame) and go through Zenia and Kettleporn
    on our way to Covelo. The roads turn to dirt here, fun to ride and expansive views to the east. We work our way to Covelo
    where we fuel up and grab some lunch and the gas station.

    At this point SanGJan, Batttman and Kris R had to split off and slabbed it back. Had some other obligations.
    Usually on this ride we go south on M1 down to Hull Mtn and Lake Pillsbury. This time we decided to Ride FH7
    over Mendocino Pass and down to M6 and then to Lake Pillsbury. Since I was the de facto ride leader and had a GPS
    I lead the way. Since my riding skills are in the middle of the group (and I'm 60) I usually pull over and have the
    faster riders go ahead. This time I thought I'd ride out front for a bit and pick up my pace. This is probably the fastest
    sustained speed I've ridden a bike on gravel roads. Man that 701 is fast! After a few miles I gestured for Capt.saveho
    to take the lead, he said nope keep going. It was just power slides everywhere, granted the road is wide and we kept
    alert for oncoming traffic but it so fun. We arrived at Mendocino Pass and I figured I had used up all my luck
    so the rest of my day was at a slower pace.

    FH7 takes us all the way across mountains to the east side of Mend Natl Forest. Sunny and cool since the elevations there
    are between 5000' and 6000'. We finally run into M6 just before FH7 turns to pavement again. We regroup and start in a
    southwest direction towards Lake Pillsbury. Ray was out front and everybody was riding at a relaxed pace.
    Then, a few miles down the road I come around the corner and see a Chevy 4wd with a bike pinned completely underneath it.
    I was probably less than a minute after it happened. at first I thought Ray was under the truck but as I rolled up a further I
    could see him lying on the road. Capt.saveho was just behind Ray and was the first one there. Ray was moving and was a bit dazed.
    What happened was the PU was on the wrong side of the road so Ray turned to the left to get around him but the driver
    panicked and swerved to the right. Ray is a highly skilled rider and had the wherewithal to jump off the bike before hitting the truck.

    The truck driver was out of the cab and freaking out. I thought he was going to faint or have some kind of attack.
    I have to give credit to our riding group, nobody freaked out and we all went into repair mode. First was to assess
    Ray and make him comfortable. Golden Taco took control of the driver and calmed him down. Ray said him arm was
    hurting and he was sore all over. We got his gear off and brought out the first aid kit. We got off Ray's jacket and gloves,
    his wrist was quite swollen. We wrapped it with an ace bandage and there was ice in the truck to try and keep the swelling down.
    We gave Ray and bunch of Advil and cut up a t-shirt to make a sling.

    We grabbed the bike and the driver backed up the truck and the bike was free. Even if Ray could've ridden there was no way
    the bike was rideable. We had a Spot with us but decided to get out ourselves. Ray had all his wits about him and we decided
    he'd ride two with Capt.saveaho on the 990. We split their luggage between the rest of our bikes. No cell coverage up there so
    we decided to ride to Soda Creek and use their landline to call Ray's wife to pick him up in Upper Lake. The bike was going to
    have to stay there so we marked a waypoint on the GPS and hid it on the side of the road.


    As we were ready to leave Kurt's AT decides to take a dirt nap. It just fell over. So we pick it up and see the front tire is flat, again!
    It's late in the day so we send off the 2 up 990 and Golden Taco for back up while we fix the flat. Buy the time we're done it's dusk
    and we still have a bunch of miles to Soda Creek. Anyway, I think it took us just under 1 1/2 hours to get there. We check with the store
    and they confirm Ray contacted his wife and they were headed to Upper Lake. It's pitch black now but thank goodness we all have great lighting
    on our bikes. It's just a slow ride since visibility sucks with all the dust. We eventually pull in to the service station at the corner of Hwys 29 and 20
    and see Golden Taco waiting, but no 990. He lost them and even though we now had cell coverage he didn't have their numbers.
    I pull out my cell and there's text and voicemail messages. They diverted to Ukiah via Potter Valley and to the emergency room there.

    They informed us Ray's wife was on the way to pick him up and he was doing well. Since it was dark we chose to take the easy way back to Sonoma
    County via Hwy 20 west and south on 101. Capt.saveaho rode straight home form Ukiah. Golden Taco rode with us to Cotati and then all the way home
    to San Leandro. He texted me the next day and said we have to do the ride again next year.

    Yesterday myself and Leadman went to recover the bike. Leadman wasn't on the ride but was nice enough to keep me company on the drive.
    the quickest route was 101 to 37 to 80 to 505 to 5 to Willows then east on 162.
    Turns out the bike was only about 5 miles off the pavement of 162 so recovery was fairly easy even though time consuming.
    We did take a break at Thunderhill and watched abunch of cool cars doing hot laps, pretty cool.

    Here's a couple of pictures, sorry I didn't take any on the ride I know others did and I hope they post a few.

    Almost ready to load.


    View on the way down.


    Husky back at home.


    So that's the ride we're calling Mendo Rally 9.

    As of now we're planning to the regular rally next year and it'll be our 10th anniversary!
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  9. Moxiemoto

    Moxiemoto Janet

    Jun 24, 2008
    San Geronimo
    IMG_1897.jpeg IMG_1906.jpeg IMG_1897.jpeg IMG_1906.jpeg IMG_1908.jpeg IMG_1897.jpeg IMG_1906.jpeg IMG_1908.jpeg IMG_1897.jpeg IMG_1906.jpeg IMG_1908.jpeg IMG_1926.jpeg IMG_1928.jpeg IMG_1897.jpeg IMG_1906.jpeg I have a few photos to add to the collection...sorry I don't know how to delete the duplicates. :jack:imaposer
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  10. avejoe

    avejoe Long timer

    Mar 20, 2011
    Down around the corner half a mile from here

    We had a small bit of drama last year, but nothing like this year apparently. Glad everything turned out relatively OK.
  11. Capt.saveaho

    Capt.saveaho Been here awhile

    Nov 16, 2008
    novato, CA
    Had a blast, been a while since I have taken the old 990 for a good dirt ride. Took a minute to remember how that’s supposed to go... I ya e some pics off the GoPro that I’ll try and get posted. Nothings real exciting though.

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