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  1. bobgolden

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    May 17, 2009

    I have four lightweight aluminum Mermite cans for sale. The idea was to fabricate some side cases for my ride. I had read on other posts riders had successfully completed Mermite can builds for this purpose.

    For anyone that does not know, these cans were used by the U.S. Military for the transportation of hot foods in the field. The lightweight aluminum can has a thick foam insulation on the inside with a large air tight gasket.

    The idea derived from various motorcycle forums was to gut the can of the foam with a vibrating multi-tool and turn them into a top opening side case / panniers. The point being was that Happy Trail cases were too pricey for what they were and this was the next best thing.

    I successfully removed the foam from one of the cans. As I said it involved a vibrating multi tool and a strategy placed (where ever) compressed air injection to free the foam from the inside of the case.

    I am wanting $40 per case. To ship these via registered USPS would be extortionate. But if you really wanted and if you have a FedEx or UPS shipping account you could order the pick up.

    Alternatively I live in Florida and you could request a look /see /pick up in this area. Or maybe you have fiends or relatives that live in this area that could do the buy and you pick up in the future pick up for you.

    To be clear this is a diy project. Hardware may have to be replaced, interiors opened up new seal mounts and painting may be required by the purchaser.

    Cash or USPS money orders (cleared) before items release.

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