Metzeler Roadtec 01. Anyone try them yet?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by davidji, Jan 23, 2016.

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    I'll have to keep an eye on mine for those issues. Turn in has always been good for me, but I've got rather aggressive geometry, so that may overcome the tire.

    Now that you have me thinking about it, I may start to be hearing a noise... I've also assumed it had something to do with the drive or a wheel bearing making noise, but maybe it's the tire.
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    So I am at the point of replacing the OEM tires on my 2015 RT. My RT came with Roadtec Z8 tires which I have really loved. I have about 12,500 miles on the tires now, and the front is probably only weeks away from getting to the chords. So I need to make a decision fairly quickly. I originally planned on buying another set of those, but then found the Roadtec 01 which have been getting rave reviews. I have nothing but good things to say about the Z8s, and the 01s look pretty slick.

    I have also considered the Angel GTs. I'm sure I won't be going wrong with any of these choices, but I'd like to hear from Z8 users who probably have racked up some mileage by now on the Roadtec 01s.

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    Dec 4, 2016
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    On my KTM 1290 SA I’ve had the oem Conti Trail Attack 2, Michelin PR4 Trail, and the Roadtecs, and I like the Michelin’s the best. I feel a lot of movement on the 01s. Maybe that’s a good thing, but the PR4s just felt more stable in the turns.

    My biggest issue is they’re really getting flat spotted after only 2000 miles. I have to do a lot of highway miles just to get to a nice curvy road, and both the Continentals and the Michelin’s held their shape a lot longer. The 01s still have a lot of tread life left, so I’m going to keep them as long as possible. I’ll probably go back to the Contis or Michelin’s, depending on the best deal I can find.
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    Dec 4, 2009
    I really love these tires. I've had them on my Versys for 5000km (3000mi) so far and they are confidence inspiring in the corners. Excellent grip in the wet and cold too. Seem to be wearing well as I can't really see any signs of wear at this time. The front tire of the Michelin PR3 set I ran previously seemed to scallop by this level of mileage.

    In reality I doubt anyone could detect a noticeable difference between any of the premium sport tour tires as long as they have not scalloped, which is easy to feel.

    On the other hand run from budget tires like the Continental Conti Motions which are unsafe in the wet and cold feel unstable with the weight of a passenger.
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    I just mounted these on my R9T Scrambler. I had Michelin PR4T on before and they rode great and lasted 9,000 miles with some life left. But these new Metzlers are better handling, I think. The Michelin felt like they dove into turns, often I found myself having to straighten up in the apex of the turn. The Metzler carve a perfect line thru twisties. I don't know why but it was immediately apparent. My bike also feels about 50 pounds lighter to toss back and forth in an S curve. My Scrambler obviously isn't a sport bike, especially with a 19" front wheel, so every little bit helps. I love these RoadTech 01 tires.
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    On my second set on a '15 GSW. I tend to ride the GS more like a sport bike as opposed to a sport tourer, so I'm a little hard on tires. Rears seem to last right at 5,000, and I don't baby these for milage. They are pretty much toast after that. I would imagine with a lighter riding style they might push 7K plus?

    I replace two rears for each front. I absolutely love the tires, much more so than the Michelins, due to the front profile. These just seem to fall into corners much easier. I haven't really tried anything else, so if there's something better for sporty riding in GS sizes, I'd love to hear! The GS is a pretty capable bike with tires like these on them, so glad they have them in GS sizes! Lots of fun!
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    I am in need of a new set of tires for my 15' KTM1190 Adv standard. I have had Continental trail attacks, tkc70s, tkc80s and just finished a rear Metzler road tech 01 (front is still good) I got 6100 out of my last set of TKC70s that had a little life still in them but not much. I got 7400 out of my RT01s and they are past the wear bars - done! I thought I would get more life out of the RT01s but then again I don't know that the TKC70s would have given me the same milage if used the way I used the RT01s. I might try the tourance next.
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    I am rather agrivated with the Roadtec 01.
    1) Its an Angle GT with a slower profile
    2) They CAN NOT handle weight at all, two trips in two years I made it around 4,400km once with standard spec and once with HWM (Heavy Weight Motorcycle) spec and neither has enough life to survive more than a week touring.
    3) The Z8 was a SIGNIFICANTLY better tire, lasts better, sharper profile (that either the -GT or the Roadtec)

    I have two and a half sets of Roadsmart 3s waiting to go only to my touring rig, two of which came with $75 rebates.

    Since the Road 5 isn't coming with a -GT spec till next year I should be good, because I am a little gunshy about putting a standard spec tire on a bike that primarily is used two-up touring with camping gear, even if its only a 500 pound Multistrada.