Mexicali east (commercial) crossing to Hwy 5

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    Howdy gang,
    My Bicimapas program never routes me correctly from Mexicali to Hwy 5 leading to San Felipe. It always tries to send me onto an overcrossing like it's a regular intersection. A friend of mine has a house south of San Felipe and has worked out what he thinks is the best route and so far, I have to agree. I followed him, collected the track with my Garmin 478, and edited it to show how to travel from the Jack in the Box/gas station just north of that crossing on the USA side until you reach Hwy 5. A year and a half ago, the Migracion (visa) and Aduana (customs where you'd get the TVIP if headed to the mainland), were conveniently located right next to each other. Now Migracion has been moved south and west - so much for convenience. I didn't go there. So anyway, here is the track

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    Thanks for the info. I downloaded/transferred your track to my GPS and used it today to cross back into the U.S. The track was flawless and direct.....Thanks!! The only thing that I would that it be Aduana is back at the main building....just north of the Banjercito (I.e., where you get your TVIP). Easy peasy
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    I'll grab this as well. Thanks!