Mexico and Central America Ride Planning and Road Wisdom

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Jeff Munn, May 30, 2006.

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    Ah , as usual I took your question quite literally as an actual inquiry open for answers from anyone .
    Okay , Cal - yoohoo !, - you haven't yet answered Skizz - do your 'splainin :lol3

    I will add (again ) that it is important to keep every document and scrap of paper they give you when entering at each border so that you can present them at time of exit and avoid complications .
    I once sat around the GT customs of Puerto Barrios for an hour when I had misplaced one of my GT pages and they phoned to HQ trying to ascertain my legality . When I did locate that page it instantly solved the problem .
    Leaving Costa Rica to Panama , on trips before internet , I was asked which border port I would use going back into CR ,in order that they could notify that crossing in preparation and they handed me a small form to hand off there . Now with internet connections that is a needless exercise .

    Okay ,over to Cal .
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    Skizz The crossing I used was Las Manos and it was a few years ago. The agent was the one who suggested I leave the paper work in his office for the return trip. He had an official stamp for my passport that he used which explained the TVIP was on hold and it had an area in the stamp for the official TVIP number.It was a big stamp!! I do not have that passport now so I can not show it to you. I am on the road sorry about the late reply. Just re read your question and the Guatemalans do not require you to return at the same border as you keep all your paper work,I entered and exited at different crossings.
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    Many thanks for your kind response