Mexico's Bicimaps vs. E32 maps?

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    Here are 3 screenshots at the 2 mile scale (Mapsource and windows 7) If you go out one notch to 3 miles, the topo lines disappear.
    The map is the 2015 version of E32, and has imbedded tracks of single track and two track trails in magenta.
    Bay of LA
    Bay of LA.jpg

    Puerto San Francisquito

    Puerto San Francisquito.jpg

    El Arco

    El Arco.jpg

    Click on the pics for a full sized image
    The E32 maps are not routable if that makes any difference. E32 maps are in my opinion, the best out there.
    I use City Navigator Mexico for routing, E32 for detail and finding my way out of a jam.
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    I'm in. E32 downloading now. Hipster and I will be on the same page now. :drums