Mextrek #11, Destination Santiago, Nuevo Leon, April 24 - 27th 2020

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    Not exactly sure where to post my rides, but for anyone who is thinking about a trip to Mexico our 4 day trip out of Texas will give you a definite taste of the fun, the tool kit to repeat on your own, and a great group of buddies to share a lifetime of riding with. Not a business, but I do charge small admin fees to cover my trip costs, ride guide perks, and Mexico fun.

    Here is a copied in post with links to Two Wheel Texans, a local not for profit site where we coordinate with Texas riders.

    I run 2 or 3 nearly free dirt oriented rides into Nuevo Leon a year. Next one, #10, is in 2 weeks:

    The Sierra Madre Oriental is a wonderful place of canyons, waterfalls, high meadows, deep valleys, and very sparsely populated tiny pueblas dotting the otherwise pristine landscape. While it doesn't have wide open stretches of desert to open up to 100mph, it has enough micro climates to titilate all the senses and keep you wide eyed and amazed for days on end. Our adventures start at the texas border. A boring 125 mile highway drone puts us a the foothills of the mountains and endless gravel, secondary, twisting, winding, easy to insanely difficult routes. My predecesor sells a guidebook and we provide GPS tracks of 12 or 14 popular routes.

    Our general ride area:
    View attachment 1944796

    We run a normal 4 day trip that costs you about $400 all in, or a 10 day that might set you back $750. I take $50 to $100 for administration, banquet, tee shirt, and I typically book everything so you just show up with your bike and ride along. 4 or 10 days. 11 year history without incident. Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi, and Guanajuato. I've been told by numerous riders, including a top Baja 1000 repeat podium sitter, that where we go rivals baja, is more convenient than copper canyon and is on par, and we have usually 40 to 50 riders per trip for the short trip and 25 for the "After Party" deeper excursions.

    And my upcoming #11, a much more dirt oriented exploration trip mainly in the mountains.

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    For the upcoming April ride, I popsted the following on our local ADV site:

    Hey Mextrek Amigos,

    Save the date for: Mextrek #11 Destination Santiago

    April 2020 we will be running a ride in the more northern reaches of our beloved Sierra Madre Oriental favored riding area. Our next installment of Mextrek will be a shorter, easier, faster, convenient, and upscale 4 day trip to the quaint mountain town of Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

    Friday April 24th to Monday April 27th 2020.

    We'll be staying at the diminutive Posada de Colores Hotel one block off the main square, or if you are feeling super fancy, at the Hotel Las Palomas directly on the square, which is located here:

    [URL unfurl="true"][/URL]

    For those not familiar, Santiago is an upscale town about 30 KM southeast of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. It has a lake, a cute main plaza, waterfalls, rivers, beaches, restaurants, zip lines, waterskiing, etc... And it is, more importantly, the gateway to the mountains favored by Monterrey's more affluent citizens. This ride is suitable for most any 4 stroke dual sport or adventure bike, 250cc to 1200cc. As long as you can maintain a comfortable 60 MPH highway cruise and travel 90 miles on a tank you should be fine. We have everything from XT250's to KTM1290 Adventures come along. This trip will have multiple price levels to fit your style and budget. $250 to $450 price range, exact TBD.

    Rough itinerary:
    Thursday, April 23rd: Trailer to Mission, arrive at the Clarion, Mission around 7PM. Welcome Dinner. Hill country riders on a tight timetable can opt to head straight to Santiago on Friday.

    Friday, April 24th: 8 AM depart Mission to Santiago. Noon arrival. Check in to the hotel. Drop bags. Lunch on the main square. 2 PM 55 mile dirt loop to La Trinidad and Potrero Redondo

    Saturday, April 25th: Group ride doing the Gold Standard, Cienega del Toro, and the Dual Sport Double Dragon. Lunch in Galeana. Afternoon concrete return ride via Linares or Rayones. Formal even dinner on the square.

    Sunday, April 26th: Join in the mayhem of Mexico's elite in the El Alamo northern canyon route passing waterfalls and navigating deep canyons. Return via beautiful Hwy 20 ending at Cola de Caballo falls for cocktails.

    Monday, April 27th: Depart 9AM for border.

    Here is a nice little drone video of our ride HQ, Santiago, a Puebla Magica (Mexican designation of a small historic city):

    Of course, this is a riding trip. And all we want to do is:

    As dual sport riders I'm sure you noticed the mountains in the distance calling out loudly. They do not disappoint. We will have 3 days of planned, GPS mapped, fully vetted routes covering roughly 250 miles (50% curvaceous concrete / 50% dirt) of the steepest, prettiest, and most remote mountain roads in the states of Nuevo Leon and Coahuila. This trip is intended for give or take 24 to 28 riders, accompanied by 4 staffed ride leaders.
    A little taste of the scenery:

    Through rivers:

    A typical forest road:

    High elevation prairie dog field:

    The microclimates are insane:

    Its a dizzying whirlwind of sights, sounds, flavors, friends, and fun.

    For convenience sake, I will post up a registration link, paypal information, and lodging and price specifics after is in the history books.

    An immersive 7 day after party is also planned.
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    As an experienced Mexico rider, all on pavement, I'd say this is a deal worth looking at. Off road, that far from home needs more attention than a Mexico road tour, it's that simple. 7 day after party aside...:lol2
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    Hey, I'm a BMW R1200GS rider that has moved from Seattle to Houston, and I'm itching to ride! The last epic ride I did was with RawHyde Adventures, from Albuquerque to Helena, MT, along the spine of the Continental Divide. Hard to even explain how amazing that was. And now, being here, I REALLY want to hang with you guys on your next ride into Mexico. Obviously, this Covid thing has messed up a lot of stuff, but will are you still planning a ride in October? If so, I'm in!!!