Middleweight (used) "adventure bike" with ABS - Choices for a short fella?

Discussion in 'Japanese polycylindered adventure bikes' started by Anby, Jan 6, 2020.

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    I can understand your sentiment, and every situation is unique. If you have a bad knee or physical ailment or are just too old to ride an ADV bike to its full potential then you should consider which bike is best for you. You can get any bike lowered, BMW sells low seat, low suspension versions. You can lower your suspension on any bike. You will alter the characteristics engineered by some really smart engineers in Japanese or European factories. You will gain some characteristics specific to your needs and lose some the bike was designed to deliver, like ground clearance. I also said if you have a particular bike you really love, you should treat it like a show bike. Now if you expect to get an ADV bike and ride it off road and never drop it, scratch it, or break a part then you are just being naive and soon to be disappointed. I know plenty of people who have really shiny expensive GSA's and have never taken it off road and that is fine. Would a GS have been a better choice? I have a Road Glide that I try to keep in pristine condition, yet I ride it in rain, and I do Police Training and Rodeo style cone riding and drop it many times. I have protectors on the engine guards and I have replaces a few grips and mirrors too. My ATAS looks like the day it came off the showroom floor, I ride it off road and have dropped it several times. I saw tiny women and 75 year old men pick up 1200 GS's. Its all doable and every situation is unique. Use the forum as it was INTENDED, hence the name FORUM. Listen to others experiences and opinions, contribute your own, and make your best educated decision. Then come back for more! Making a statement about my outlook or opinion adds no value to the thread or anyone here, just share your opinion and experience with regards to the topic and listen to others and hopefully some sharing and learning will occur on the FORUM!

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    same here, 5'5", 29" inseam - 2014 DL650 fits me well enough w/ stock suspension , stock seat.
    Racked up 30k miles of some fantastic ADV'ing - 3 big, long trips to mexico & copper canyon, many shorter trips to Big Bend & Maggie Valley/Cherohala NC, lots of interstate weekend trips to DFW & Houston & NOLA, and umpteenth quick trips to HEB grocery store for beer, chicarones & buffalo wings.

    2020 will be my 6th yr owning/riding this supremely reliable & very capable touring, ADV'ing & light D/S'ing bike.
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