Mike & Kevin Aimlessly Wander 2021

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  1. Deepcdiver98

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    May 11, 2015
    Upper Michigan
    PXL_20210606_204316042 (Medium).jpg
    Everyone out looking for Bigfoot!?!?!? We found him, it's not that hard... He owns a steakhouse in Willow Creek, CA!!!!
    Check it out, a good place to take a break and get a bite, if you're at the end of your day, a cold adult beverage!!!

    PXL_20210606_220752017 (Medium).jpg
    Pretty little spot along Hwy 299 not far from the Bigfoot steakhouse.

    PXL_20210606_233854143 (Medium).jpg

    PXL_20210606_233939428 (Medium).jpg
    I highly recommend taking a wrong turn once in a while. Or in our case, missing one... After all, it's an adventure isn't it??? It's usually the unknown,
    unintended, unplanned or the unforeseen that provides the best and most memorable stories!!! Uninhabited, doesn't hurt either... And in case your wondering; The water was surprisingly warm!!!

    PXL_20210607_002948434 (Medium).jpg
    Whoops-a-daisies!!! Damn overpacked adventure riders!!! Important safety tip; Bridges do have a load limit!!!

    PXL_20210607_011519311 (Medium).jpg
    If you look close, you can see the Pacific Ocean!!! This picture was taken at the Dolason Prairie Picnic Area on Bald Hills Rd.
    I would like you all to please take a moment of silence for Bald Hills Rd. ....... It has to be a gift from God!!! It is both gorgeous and an absolute BLAST,
    if you like endless curves, turns and switchbacks while continuously climbing (heading west) to this view and many more, on butter smooth blacktop!!!
    Seriously, whether you enjoy dragging a knee or not, it's a phenomenal stretch of road that almost singlehandedly made the trip, and that's saying something,
    because we really try to pick the "twistyest" roads we can find!!! We also saw a few elk at the higher elevations. Note: There is a short section of gravel along the
    ridge. It was pretty smooth and not really a challenge on an adventure/enduro style motorcycle, but keep it in mind if you are on more of a "sport" bike or simply
    uncomfortable off pavement. THIS IS A MUST DO!!! I could go back and forth on this road for a week straight, and not get tired of it.

    PXL_20210607_011603601.PORTRAIT (Medium).jpg
    Digital zoom... see... the Pacific Ocean!!!

    PXL_20210607_012012618 (Medium).jpg
    I like this shot too, if I do say so myself...

    PXL_20210607_011629052.PORTRAIT (Medium).jpg
    This stump was just behind my bike in the previous picture... My guess is, whoever took the time to carve it, had to be referring to the road...

    PXL_20210607_011749493.PANO (Medium).jpg

    Yes... more to follow!!!
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    Deepcdiver98 Adventurer

    May 11, 2015
    Upper Michigan
    PXL_20210607_015338915 (Medium).jpg
    We made it!!! Picture was taken near Lookout Point just north of Elk Country RV Resort & Campground on the PCH!!! What a great place to end the day!!!
    PXL_20210607_015009163 (Medium).jpg
    PXL_20210607_015317929 (Medium).jpg

    PXL_20210607_163820006 (Medium).jpg
    Breakfast the next morning, June 7th, at the Beachcomber Café, in Trinidad, CA. Very Californian for a Michigander like me. Fun place to eat, food was very tasty,
    coffee was great (thank God!!!), staff was very friendly and we mingled with several fellow riders who were also out for breakfast.

    PXL_20210607_171413727 (Medium).jpg
    PXL_20210607_171428866 (Medium).jpg
    PXL_20210607_171423699 (Medium).jpg
    PXL_20210607_171448630.PANO (Medium).jpg
    View just down the street from the café.
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  3. Deepcdiver98

    Deepcdiver98 Adventurer

    May 11, 2015
    Upper Michigan
    PXL_20210607_172008410 (Medium).jpg
    PXL_20210607_171947051 (Medium).jpg
    PXL_20210607_171936737 (Medium).jpg
    View just around the corner and down the hill from the previous view.

    PXL_20210607_183637812 (Medium).jpg
    PXL_20210607_183626423 (Medium).jpg
    PXL_20210607_183705735 (Medium).jpg
    Looking up..
    PXL_20210607_183700753 (Medium).jpg
    Looking straight ahead...

    PXL_20210607_183730979 (Medium).jpg
    Just when you thought, no more pictures of tree...
    This was another beautiful stretch of road through the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
    on Newton B. Dury Scenic Pkwy., north of Berry Glenn. We road about as slow as you can
    ride a motorcycle without falling over, in an effort to take in as much as possible. Simply
    another beautiful and worthwhile area.

    PXL_20210607_193921596 (Medium).jpg
    PXL_20210607_193804813 (Medium).jpg
    A couple roadside pictures during our two hour delay while cleanup work was being done on a land slide that had occurred some time ago. The flag girl
    told us that they had been working on it for some time because it was continuing to sluff off as they cleared it away. We considered rerouting around it
    but the fastest route around would take an additional four hours to get just a little further up the road. In the end, we were glad we waited. It gave us
    the opportunity to mingle with fellow travelers and riders. We got to tour a sweet mini-gulfstream, have a very nice conversation with a moto-journalist,
    mostly discussing the new HD Pan America (and of course how amazing BMW's are) and exchange contact information with a CHiP, (in a non-arrest way)
    who is an avid rider and wants to explore the upper Mid-west! There's a lesson here; don't get too worked up about delays, in every delay I've encountered,
    I've managed to meet and even befriend someone. Isn't that one of the main reasons to take trips like this?!?! Meeting interesting, like-minded people is my
    favorite aspect of motorcycling.

    Yup... still more to follow!!!
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  4. Deepcdiver98

    Deepcdiver98 Adventurer

    May 11, 2015
    Upper Michigan
    PXL_20210607_213729614 (Medium).jpg
    My first time to Oregon and the only state Kevin hadn't been. When we pulled over to get pictures, there was a woman there, coincidently celebrating that Oregon
    was the only state she hadn't been. So her and Kevin shared a moment!

    PXL_20210608_211439953 (Medium).jpg
    This rock formation caught my eye as we road east on County Rd. 5-10. To me, with it's curved walls that wrap all the way around except for the open
    area shown in the picture above, it resembled an ancient amphitheater or possibly a prehistoric crater....
    Not sure what it's called, but it's located just west of a little town called Fort Rock. :thwak

    PXL_20210609_195512814 (Medium).jpg
    Time to stretch the legs and get a drink. We were on Hwy 21 (Ponderosa Pine Scenic Route), just southeast of Lowman, ID in Boise National Forest.

    You may have noticed we are now both carrying tires... Why? You might ask. Well, I'll tell you. We had to really scrounge around for the correct size
    tire, let a lone preferable tread. Most of the places we contacted focused on motocross style bikes and therefore only stocked tires for that kind of bike....
    I mean, what is the likelihood of a couple guys riding cross-country or even local guys that ride weekends and/or commute that might need a tire that's
    not for motocross? Almost ludicrous to even consider that happening, right? Never happens!!! Seriously, we reached out to no less than 8 places. If I
    remember correctly, I finally located a place in Boise, (we were in Ontario) that had at least one rear tire available, so I told him we would be there shortly
    to get it. I don't want to say I was desperate for a rear tire, but it was getting to where I could just about see the air in my tire... So we drove straight to
    the place, which BTW, was surprisingly difficult to find. We made our way to the parts department, again surprisingly difficult to find. The parts guys asked
    me what I wanted, I said "Hi, I called a little while ago, about a rear tire for my BMW" he replied, "oh, I just sold it" and was basically finished with me...
    I felt compelled to remind him that I had just called and that I told him I'd be right over to pic it up... I got the shoulder shrug... As I felt my blood pressure
    rising and my vision narrowing, a very nice and I would quickly find out, very helpful young lady ask, "Can I be of any help?" Cutting to the chase, in no time
    at all she was ringing me up for the very tire I wanted and had requested. Kevin decided to grab a tire as well, not that he was as desperate, but I think more
    because he saw how difficult and time consuming it was for me to find them. So back to the original question; Why are you carrying them? Why didn't we have
    them installed where we bought them... Because they wanted about a $100 bucks to mount them, apiece!!!! I'm sorry, I know dealerships need to make money
    to cover all their overhead, but I'm not paying $100 to mount a tire that takes about 5 minutes with a tire machine. I know because I have one. Kevin and I
    opted to do it ourselves. Our next stop was at a fellow inmate and he informed us he had a bead-breaker and a collection of tire irons. I dynamically balance my
    tires, so all I had to do was salvage the beads out of my old tire, easy-peasy!!! It's not that we couldn't afford it, it's principle. I've had dealerships mount &
    balance my tires for as little as $25, which is a very good deal and I would be willing to pay as much as say $45 but not $100, especially when I'm buying the
    tire from you!
    Apologies for the rant, but I'm willing to bet I'm not the only that feels this way.

    PXL_20210609_202617533 (Medium).jpg

    PXL_20210609_205126034 (Medium).jpg

    PXL_20210609_205131650 (Medium).jpg

    PXL_20210609_205149878 (Medium).jpg

    PXL_20210609_213838675 (Medium).jpg
    A few more views along Hwy 21 (Ponderosa Pine Scenic Route).
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  5. Deepcdiver98

    Deepcdiver98 Adventurer

    May 11, 2015
    Upper Michigan
    PXL_20210609_225111720 (Medium).jpg
    Nice view along Hwy 93 near Dickey Peak.

    PXL_20210610_184542927 (Medium).jpg
    We made it to Yellowstone and I've lost count of all the national parks and forests we've visited on this trip but all of them were beautiful and very worthwhile!!!
    There are a plethora of Yellowstone pictures out there so I'll fast forward a little. I did get to see Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Springs for the first time.
    I have been to Yellowstone before but unfortunately we didn't vent to those areas.

    PXL_20210610_233027710 (Medium).jpg
    PXL_20210610_233023408 (Medium).jpg
    Couple pictures on Hwy 287 along Jackson Lake... Pictures don't do it justice...

    PXL_20210611_142503628 (Medium).jpg
    Morning June 11th, frost on the seat. We saw 34° the day before. During this ride we saw as high as 117° down to 34° for an 83° swing...
    I absolutely love that!!! Defiantly added to the "awesomeness" of the trip.

    PXL_20210611_170034326 (Medium).jpg
    Red Canyon Scenic Overlook on Hwy 28.
    PXL_20210611_173206003 (Medium).jpg
    Majestic view from Hwy 287/789 (apologies for the digital zoom poor clarity)
    PXL_20210611_224323973 (Medium).jpg
    Another place I had never been... Another check off my bucket list!!!

    A little more to follow...

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  6. Deepcdiver98

    Deepcdiver98 Adventurer

    May 11, 2015
    Upper Michigan
    PXL_20210611_224937007 (Medium).jpg

    PXL_20210611_231040820 (Medium).jpg
    That's the Devils Tower, incase you didn't know... Arguably made famous by the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
    Now some might be inclined to say, "No Bullshit?"... I'd have to answer, "Well... actually, yes"...

    IMG_20210715_142903 (Medium).jpg
    On June 11th, Kevin and I had to part ways after leaving Pinedale, WY. We had a short ride together that morning to the Cross Roads Travel Plaza, where
    Hwy 28 intersects Hwy 191. I had to turn east onto 28, while Kevin needed to continue heading south on 191. Always, a bummer to say goodbye to a
    good friend and know the trip is coming to an end. Like Kevin (see his earlier pictures) I also had to ride hard to get back home, due to news that my
    father's health was failing... I needed to shave an entire day from the planed trip schedule. We departed Pinedale at 0830 on June 11th, and except for
    saying our goodbyes and my swinging, over to the Devil's Tower and fuel stops, I road almost nonstop to Escanaba, MI, arriving early afternoon on the
    12th, some 1569 miles later.

    PXL_20210611_231203746 (Medium).jpg
    Hope you enjoyed these photos from our trip. We are planning more trips in the near future and hopefully the distant future and I'm sure we'll make
    an effort to share some of our photos again. Hope you all are happy and well. The End... No Bull

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    May 26, 2011
    Augusta, GA
    Nice recap, Mike!