Missouri Adventure Loop

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    The Missouri Adventure Loop is an 1800 mile route that travels around the State of Missouri (When @Get_Bent and I rode the route it was 2100 miles because of the backtracking caused by flooding). The route is about 50% blacktop and 50% gravel and/or dirt roads. We spent about 70-75% of our traveling time on the gravel/dirt roads.

    An overview of the route:


    For additional information you can check out my still in progress ride report: https://advrider.com/f/threads/missouri-adventure-loop.1388493/

    A few notes regarding the tracks:
    1. There are two sets of tracks. The one marked "Original" has over 500 points. The other has under 500 points.
    2. We rode the trip this spring and had about 250 miles of backtracking. I did my best to mark major river water crossings with detours in red. Use CAUTION.
    3. There were may places in the north half of the state that we had to backtrack. The tracks show the original route that was planned and I had ridden before. The floods may cause bridges to be closed.

    If ridden please send any permanent road changes so I can update the tracks.

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