Moab - Oct 21 - 26

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    I'm going to be in Moab this coming week with the WRR and mtb. Camping at horsethief campground which is 12 miles up 313 toward canyonlands and dead horse pt. I can't moto everyday since I have to keep the wife happy on the mtb but I plan a few WRR rides. If anyone wants to join me (or us on the mtb), let me know. I don't do expert level stuff on the WRR, but I'd like to ride 7 mile rim and some of the jeep roads near the CG & up for other suggestions too. Send me a PM so we can exchange phone numbers.
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    I made it over to Moab last week to do a few of the classic dual sport rides with a friend. Here's a quick summation of conditions taking into consideration that the area has received quite a bit of rain recently. The first day we did Onion Creek, Kokopelli Trail and John Browns Canyon over to Gateway (and back) and everything was in great shape (not too much mud or erosion). The water in Onion Creek was surprisingly shallow. The next day we did the White Rim and Pucker Pass. While the WR was knee deep in mud the week before (the guy I was with had just done it on a mountain bike), it was awesome when we went through with little mud, compacted sand and no dust. Lots of fun! Note that we applied for the trail passes the night before and the Park's website said they would send a confirming email with our pass, but they NEVER sent anything. The third day we did Lockhart Basin all the way through and IT WAS NASTY. Lots of erosion and some very tough situations in the canyon south of the Chicken Corner turn off. I was on a WR250R and smashed my engine bash guard right up against the motor on both sides. In it's current condition, you better be a damn good rider if you are on a big and loaded up ADV type bike. One final note, we did not see another motorcycle on the White Rim or Lockhart Basin.
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