Moncton Presentation by Rene Cormier The University of Gravel Roads

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    Hey Guys,:clap

    Anyone within riding distance of :ricky Moncton has to go see this fantastic presentation by world traveler and author Rene Cormier. He rode some 40 countries in 4 years on a BMW 650gs. It's inspiration for some, a wealth of knowledge for others. Entertaining for everyone.

    It's at the BMW / Ducati/ Suzuki / Yamaha dealer AKA Atlantic Motoplex on Champlain street in Dieppe (not too far from the Airport).

    I have read his book, that too is a must read, and I have seen his presentation this past winter and will be going again. I'm sure he'll have his book for sale that evening to autograph.

    It's a must see guys. Don't miss it.

    Location Moncton, Atlantic Motoplex

    Date Tuesday June 7th 7pm (check link above for details)

    Cost: Free:eek1