Montana-Skalkaho Pass-Granite-Southern Cross

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    This track starts and ends in Missoula. Runs south on route 93 to Grantsdale then east on route 38 to Skalkaho Pass. Route 38 is an excellent mostly blacktop road with sections of dirt. Easily rideable, even on a street bike.

    My original plans to take Rock Creek road north to I-90 were foiled by forest fires. I continued to Georgetown Lake and Southern Cross. I tried to connect Southern Cross ghost town to Granite ghost town via an all dirt route. While I had a great time exploring the logging roads, I failed to find a connection. All these logging roads were in excellent condition and suitable for a big adventure bike even on Tourance type tires.

    I made my way back to 10A/1 and headed north then east to Rumsey. I made a short diversion south on a spur road that looked like it might meet up on the other side of a gate I found while exploring on the Southern Cross side. I eventually ran into a local who said that the road just deadended and I turned around. I took the main road back to Rumsey only to find a bunch of building lots for sale.

    On the way back to 10A/1 from Rumsey, I turned north on a spur road that appeared to connect up with Granite on the GPS. While I did eventually make my way into Granite, it wasn't by the line displayed on my GPS. Most of this route was in good condition, however, there were some extreme sections that should be left to the most experienced ADVRiders with knobby rear tires.

    There is so much to explore in the Granite area I could spend plenty of time back there. I hope this inspires you all to go check it out!



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