More wildlife than Charlie Sheen's seen

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    Airbag neck/torso protection vests are starting to be more readily available, and "smarter" in that they don't require a tether, but it looks like the good stuff is more street oriented still. Or maybe A Leatt brace, but I can't imagine wearing one for 24+ hours.

    In the end, you pays your money and takes your chances. I'm impressed by the effort- have done several SS1Ks, a couple SS2Ks, a BB1500, and gave up on a BBG somewhere outside Clinton, MO because I wasn't up to the level of critter slalom I was having to deal with.
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    I am so sorry to hear about what ended your ride. I hope recovery is going well and you were lucky that someone go there that quickly. Reminded me of my first attempt at the dusty butt 8 years ago I think, same route, we were doing it counter clock wise leaving from Goodland. Sometimes right at dawn, 2 deers came out of a corn field, I missed the first one but hit the second one, ended up with a broken collar bone. I was glad I was not alone though and had some help to pick up the bike and call in for help. We were only 90 miles into the ride. The following year we had it almost made we were 200 miles away from the end with plenty of time 6 or 7 hours to make the last 200 miles, but a storm forced us to ride pavement back to the beginning.

    Good luck with the recovery, positive vibes coming your way!!!
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    Thanks guys, I completed the Dusty Butt with 1111 miles. I just wish I would've made the 1500 in 36 and been able to certify it. @gagnaou it seems that stretch between Paxton and Goodland has bitten several folks.
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    Fuck deer.

    Best wishes for a speedy and hopefully a reduced pain recovery.
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    @playinatwork Good Lord Man!! I hope you can get back in the saddle sometime soon. That's one hellofa story!
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    OK! Amazing is an understatement. So glad that you are recovering, don't let your body take no for an answer.

    So here is the small world, rest of the story -
    -I'm in Wichita KS
    -my company is the company that put the helicopter on standby that day from the 911 call, sending a helicopter out of Dodge City to be ready in standby. I remember the page. I wish we could have helped you in some fashion. No, it would not have been $75,000, not by a looooooong shot
    -As I'm typing this - I'm looking across the lake where we live at the neurosurgeon's house that took care of you. He is a good guy, a little grumpy but he deals with a lot of tragedy and I guess that can make one grumpy; but he is exceptional at his job which is what really matters.

    You would be amazed at the deer v MC victims we fly. Flat out creeped me out from night MC driving. I think whiskeygut provided the best opinion there

    Thank you, deeply, for sharing your amazing story