Moto Flagellation

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    Nov 2, 2016
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    I may have just invented a new word, but in this case it might fit.

    According to my sweetheart, I already have too many motorcycles and mountain bikes, but what the hell, a project is always good, right? Admittedly, it has taken me some time and $$ to get all my machines sorted out and set up the way I want and I am satisfied. Or at least I was.

    Low and behold this 1974 Husky 250WR roller/basket case appears on FB marketplace for the chump change price of $350! I love old Huskys and always lusted for one in my youth. All the parts might be there and from the pics maybe some extra. A complete engine rebuild including tranny would be new ground for me, but with a good manual, not out of the question. I've been reading as much as possible on these bikes and I'm afraid if I get it I'll be heading down yet another rabbit hole (upholstered with $100 bills)!

    And despite the self talk that this a bad idea, I'm still thinking about getting it tomorrow! Just what I need-- a 45 year old money pit which will probably take years to complete and then be too nice to ride.

    Professional counselling might be a cheaper alternative! Bikes are an addiction. Not expecting you fellow bike junkies to talk me out of it or anything but I figured admitting my problem was the first step to recovery!
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