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    Jul 11, 2010
    Hi all,

    I saw today this bike at a dealer and I would like to share my point off view with you guys and girls.
    First off all I have to say that back on those days the had obviously not heard any thing about sound regualations and so on. My cbf 500, you could hardly hear it on idle. When the dealer started the bike there was no doubt that a bike was running :-)

    Due to weather conditions and that I had also not brought any motorcycle clothes I did not testride the bike.

    The bike gave me the impression to be very massive compared to modern bike but still running decently.

    If somebody want's to buy this bike I would say that you perhaps need to invest little bit money and time to get it into top notch shape but it has a good substance as it stands.

    I think I can not ride a street bike anymore due to my hipp problems otherwise I would be mostly like buying this bike.

    If I can't rider a cruiser or a scooter then I have to give up biking for good.

    What off sound that bike had :-)

    Kind Regards

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