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  1. hatchb4ck

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    Jun 3, 2014
    I hadn't forgot about measuring the ground clearance with the new shocks. With my skid plate installed it is 7" at the lowest point below the rear of the sump. This is with a stock front suspension.

    I'd estimate that to the lowest part of the sump itself it is nearer 7 3/4".
  2. hatchb4ck

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    Jun 3, 2014
    Thanks for getting those measurements on the sump spacer, they are helpful. I should be able to mock something up to represent that additional space.

    As for the Heidenau tires, they did awesome on this past weekend's trip. The conditions ranged from large loose rock and gravel to two track to forest service roads. Of all the motorcycles and tire combo's I've ridden in similar conditions, these worked the best for me. I only have about 900 miles on them from the weekend trip, but they did very well handling the long loose gravel/sand climbs without much in the way of slipping/sliding or loss of control and the highway manners were excellent with only minor knobby noise in my opinion.
  3. hatchb4ck

    hatchb4ck Adventurer

    Jun 3, 2014
    I haven't forgotten about posting up pics and videos from the ride. I'm waiting for my friend to upload the videos he took so I can edit/post them.
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    Oct 23, 2008
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    So hatch, are you considering having a run of that skidplate made?
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    Jul 18, 2018
    I always forget about this thread, and spend most of my time over in the V7 thread, but I figured I would drop a few "Scrambler updates here as I continue to make modifications to my Stornello. Some functional, some style/preference.

    The last couple weeks, I made a few mods that I have been planning, namely running the rear differential vent to a line under the seat, and moving the front fender to the top of the fender mount/fork brace. Both came out well and I am very happy with them.

    The Final change will be more 'offroadish' tires. While the stock Golden Tyres are good, the front is lacking IMO. Will likely go with the Shinko 705's.

    Here are pics of the vent and fender. I'm in the middle of the 6200 mile service, and having fun. For details, head over to the "Anybody have a V7 thread"
    IMG_20201019_121900239.jpg IMG_20201019_121547100.jpg IMG_20201019_121437251 - Copy.jpg IMG_20201018_153915943.jpg IMG_20201018_153910678.jpg IMG_20201018_153853309.jpg

    I've had the Stornello for about 2 years, got it from XPS for a great price, and it has been trouble free. Wanting a dual sport capable bike, but NOT wanting a V85TT I decided on the V7 with modifications. To date, I have in a slow steady pace done the following.

    - MGMP multimedia module
    - 1" SWMoto Bar Risers
    - Oxford Heated grips
    - 2" mirror extenders
    - Stelvio Hand Guards
    - Custom mounted Norge Large windscreen (used dart bracket with custom spacers)
    - MG Headlight Rock guard
    - ADV Monster LED headlight
    - AUX LED lighting powered from GPS power lead
    - USB charging port powered from GPS power lead
    - Hepco Becker (HB) Engine guards
    - HB Center Stand
    - HB Side and top case racks with custom spacers for high exhaust and Xplorer cases
    - Goldwing Foot pegs & custom lowered toe pegs
    - Upgraded Hella Horns
    - V7 Racer side covers with custom logos and striping
    - Ktech Fork Springs, and 420MM Rear Hagon Trail shocks resulting in over an inch increase in ride height and EXCELLENT comfort.
    - Custom 'mudflap' on the bottom front of the rear fender to keep mut and grit from getting into the clutch lever arm and shifter linkage area
    - TPMS system
    - Ram Mount for dedicated (old) cell phone running the MGMP and GPS/Map programs.
    - Beetle Map
    - NGK Plug cap upgrade
    - Mistral Exhaust - This is about 1.5" closer to frame and made the side case more plausable.

    I really love the bike, and look forward to many more fun miles on it. Very happy with how it has turned out and performs.
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