Motorcycle Crash Statistics by Make?

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    Not to go CSM but I no longer trust government studies or statistics. It's so easy to manipulate when you are in control. I closely watch local traffic accident and fatalies and there is a close correlation in time of incident, drinking, skill, etc., and I can breathe easier eliminating those factors because I don't ride at 2 am drunk. Nor am I riding a moped and turning across traffic.

    Experience is nowhere in the numbers and how can it not be? There are so many factors to be considered that never enter the equation; gear, experience, impairment, road conditions, weather, etc. It goes on and on.

    Motorcyles are dangerous, you need to be on your game; you don't need to be riding when deer are active, you don't need to ride impaired or late at night. Sure older cruisers, which may be a majority are at increased risk, but what about moped riders who are riding because they have lost their liscense due to DUI's? It's all part of the equation.
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    The Hurt report is valuable and supported a lot of common sense safety conclusions, but it is at least twenty years old and failed to address accident and fatality statistics by motorcycle make.
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    Published in 1981.
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    I will opine that 'experience' is factored in, in that it is notable that >60% of crash riders have no license, there is a subtle nod to the lack of experience in that statistic.
    That or it is a correaltion that if one doesn't take riding seriously enough to get a license, then you are probably going to die or get hurt, because of it.