Motorcycle rental companies in Colombia

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    I think it's a good idea to catalogue a list of the motorcycle rental companies to encourage competition and accessibility.

    My current understanding of the rental options available is below - though please feel free to contribute to the descriptions or add any companies that I've missed.

    IN PARTICULAR - are there any companies with mid-ranged offerings in Bogota?

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    This is a solid list. Thanks for getting it started!

    For Bogota, I'll say that Elephant is really top-notch. Those guys are friendly, reliable, and very knowledgeable on routes / tours, etc.

    We organized a trip for 15 riders (from the US) and reserved 10 BMWs with Adventure 57. When I arrived in Bogota (where I'm from), they had dropped the reservation and we didn't have bikes! Elephant came to the rescue.

    Also, another one to add to the list for Bogota:
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    +10 on this.

    Micho rented me a 1200 GSA earlier this year and gave me a suggested route to see Central Colombia's best on a 360 circular tour. I was solo and was glad I went by myself as I made changes/additions on the fly and stopped when I wanted to take copious photos. His shop is well located, easy to find, and Elephant itself is a class operation.
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    I would add that Motolombia's fleet, while heavily skewed toward BMW's entire GS line, from the F700 up to the R1250, also has a very wide range of other bikes, including the Yamaha Tenere 660, Suzuki DR650, and Honda's Africa Twin. The bulk of their bikes are under two years old, which are rented as "Premium" bikes, but they also have a nice selection of bikes between two and five years old that they rent for a more economical "Budget" rate.

    Motolombia is an absolutely first-class outfit and has been doing what it does longer than anyone else there. In addition to renting bikes, they provide full guided tours and they're always happy to provide a ton of useful information and mapping for those who wish to simply rent a bike and go it alone.

    I have done several tours with Motolombia including a three-country tour and one of their new international tours on Tibet. Solid people, solid service.
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    I had great experiences with Colombia Moto Adventures.
    Just my two cents worth on why I chose Colombia Moto Adventures. Price and Predictability. Price, because I wanted to ride Colombia, as I had rented / riden in Costa Rica for the past 10 years, but I didn't want to spend $100 a day or more. Their prices were in the $65 a day range, same as Costa Rica. Most of the other Colombia rental companies either rented more expensive BMWs or much smaller cheaper motorcycles of brands I've never heard of before. I wanted a Honda because of their proven reliability and Colombia Moto Adventures had them. Predictability: I checked out their website and one thing got my attention. One of their reviewers who had rented a bike, accidentally damaged it on a rock And he reported being treated fairly on the cost to repair it. To me that's a big issue because I just hate getting taken advantage of if something unexpected happens and it's my fault. With some companies, once they have your damage deposit, you're at their Mercy if you break something. and I heard stories of that happening elsewhere. Well, I did rent from them, twice in fact. The first time I just wanted to do a one-day ride to see if the Honda fit me and judge whether I liked the bike or not. I met the owner, Jeff, over the phone at first. Turns out, he's from Colorado, USA. Well my Spanish is limited so it was nice to be able to communicate in my own language. The next day I was ready to rent the bike by myself when he invited me to come along on a group ride with his girlfriend and another rental client. To my surprise, he was not looking to make extra money on a "GUIDED TOUR". It was just an invite to come explore Colombia with them and have fun. The first stop was in a small town high in the Colombian mountains where we had breakfast. The young Canadian guy who was with us struck up a conversation with two Colombian girls in the park downtown, then was texting with them while we were eating breakfast, lucky bastard. As the day went on we made our way through several other small towns and eventually to a trout farm where you could catch them and the associated restaurant would cook them for you right there. On the way down we were riding off-road through a dairy farm where farmers were bringing milk containers down on horseback from the high pastures. Jeff stopped to talk with the boss who asked if we'd ever tasted unprocessed milk before and offered us a glass from the refrigerator. We gladly accepted and it was good but different from store-bought. Surprisingly again, the farmer wasn't trying to sell glasses of milk to foreigners, he was just being friendly and sharing something we had never experienced before. I really enjoyed doing business with Jeff at Colombia Moto Adventures. He was super helpful and offered free help in planning any future rides. The second time I rented from Jeff I brought a friend for a multi-day trip. We both rented the Hondas. Jeff was really helpful with the trip planning and gave us a complete tool kit in case we got a flat tire along the way. We returned the bikes with no problems. In the final analysis, I would definitely rent from Jeff again. He's laid-back, friendly and eager to help in navigating Colombia on a Moto.
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    Here are four more motorcycle rental places in Colombia. 3 in Santa Marta and one in Cali

    The first one will even rent one way to Medellin or Bogota.

    Santa Martai:
    Adrenaline Addicts
    Honda 110 for $34/day
    Honda 150 49
    Honda 300 XRE 80

    Colombian Riders
    ATK 125 $20/ day
    Honda 110 30
    ATK 125 25
    ATK 200 36
    Honda 150 42
    Honda 190 52

    Motorent Kymco 125 23
    ATK 125 27
    ATK 200 30
    ATK 250 55

    And there is another in Cali: Rental Motorbikes
    Yamaha XT660 99
    Suzuki DR650 80
    BMW 850 153
    BMW 700 100
    BMW 800 115
    BMW 750 135
    Honda Africa Twin 153