Motorcycle rentals in Colombia

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How many bikes does Motolombia have in the fleet?

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  1. kaiserkyhl

    kaiserkyhl The journey is the reward!

    Dec 26, 2007
    Colombia, South America
    Yes you can!

    Many think its absolutely crazy to come ride motorcycles in Colombia, I say you are crazy if you don't!

    Colombia is the absolute riders paradise. Only country in the South America with 3 ranges of the Andes = endless mountain routes, only country in SA with access to both the Caribbean and the Pacific oceans, most biodiverse country on the planet, country with the most bird species (1800), endless dirt routes open to public, thousands and thousands of miles of beautifully paved tarmac.

    Read our blog:

    If you wish to bring your own bike look out for more information on our international adventure race planned for next summer. You don't want to miss that!