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    looking to get some ideas. I did this trip last year myself, and am now taking three buddies on a similar path. I went to Canada via the WABDR, but we’ll not be doing that. It’ll be a road trip. Two of them are on road bikes. Maybe me and the other ADV guy can duck off for a side road if there’s a magical dirt option, but likely it’ll be road...

    On my trip last year I slabbed it up to Redding motel (misery!), then around Mt Shasta Back forest roads to Klamath Lakes camping.
    Via Crater lake to Bend camping.
    Via Old Mckenzie highway to Portland.
    (2 weeks later)
    Portland via tillamook To coastal camping, 101 down to redwoods camp
    Redwoods to SF motel.
    Coast to Big Sur camping
    Coast to home.

    did I miss your favorite camp spot? Mountain? Town? Any ideas to tweak?

    here is my first thought on an overview:
    1 - 395 to June lakes camp for 2 nights. take them into Yosemite for a day jaunt.
    2 - camp somewhere in Lassen forest (??) after a swim at Sand Shores beach, Tahoe.
    3 - camp up near Klamath lakes. I found a good wild spot (eagle ridge) that maybe we hit again — unless ideas?
    4 - take our time via crater lake to bend.
    5 - take out time mckenzie highway to Portland - 2 nights... IF pubs and breweries are open...
    6 - coastal route down. Likely similar to my route = 4 nights redwoods, beaches, coast, Big Sur, breweries...

    As we’re 3 Aussies (living in the US) and one American, we obviously want to maximize mountains and rivers and redwoods and greenery. Not as much excited by beaches — we’ve got too many of them back home!

    Cheers all!
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    North of Mammoth, take the June Lake Loop west off 395 then back on 395 to Tioga to Yosemite (Glacier Point worth the effort).
    Then north on 120 & 49 towards Sonora, take 108 east over Sonora Pass to 395.
    Then north on 395 to hwy 89 east over Monitor Pass to 4 then north to 88, west to 89 north to South Lake Tahoe.
    From Tahoe take 89 north to Lassen. (For nice side loop take 49 west off 89 at Serriaville thru Downieville to 120 north east returning to 89).

    On return coastal route take 299 east of Hwy 101 near Arcada to 3 south to 36 west back to 101 at Fortun.
    Proceed to 211 west to Ferndale and take Manitloe Rd (aka Lost Coast Hwy) 70+ miles south exiting out thru Humboldt Redwood Park.
    Then south on 254 (Avenue of the Giants, parallels 101).
    Off 101 at hwy 1 just south of the intersection is the Chandler Drive Thru Tree.
    Then 1 south to Ft Bragg (highly recommend the Red Seal Ale at the Northcoast Brewery)

    Near SF a ride up Mt Diablo is fun as is a route east from San Jose up to Mt Hamilton and the Lick Observatory. (amazing view from both).
    From the south Bay take 84 to Alice's Restaurant then south on 35 to 9 to Santa Cruz.
    In Cambria the Sea Chest Restaurant is amazing. no reservations, get in line a 4:30 for 5;00 opening or be ready to wait
    Stop in Cayucos at the Cayucos Cookie Factory. Excellent Fish Taco stand 1 block west towards the ocean.
    Drop into Moro Bay for close up of the ROCK and the harbor main street has lots of food places.
    Check out scenic Solvang and stop to see if the Motorcycle Museum is open.

    I'm 90 miles inland from SF and listed on the Tent Space List if you pass near.,-113.35789886522985&z=6

    Safe Travels
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    Oh wow! This looks fantastic. I see you’ve traversed many roads far and wide. Thank you for the info. I’ll add it all into the mix and can’t wait to check them out. I’ll also be sure to get in touch coming through! I buy beer for all this Golden info;)