Mounting a camera on my F800gs

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by pervasivelight, Nov 7, 2008.

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    Feb 10, 2008
    So, i've been thinking about mounting a camera, either still with an intervalometer or video, on my bike to film my daily commute through NYC, and realized one of you guys (and gals) may have already done this.

    I'm thinking a 1/4" threaded bolt and aluminum strap on the handlebars shooting thru the windscreen, but maybe low off the right or left side would be steadier and less distored.

    So... any tips? pics? pre-built options? hacks, mods or crazy sh*t you've put together. I'm all ears :ear
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    The link below is just one of many places that sell RAM mount stuff.

    I have a setup for a GPS and then bought a camera mount plate as well that screws into the 1/4-20 standard mount on the bottom of most still and video cameras. Take a look at all the ways the RAM system can mount. I use the U bolt so that I can mount it on my handlebars or even down low on my crash bars to get a different view.
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    Put a RAM handlebar mount (U-clamp or control item from RAM), on a medium or short arm...have used both a small Sony DSC 5MP camera without any issue (it has image stabilization) and two GoPro camera units - the original regular lens unit, and now the new 5MP 170 degree wide angle model...which is really really nice, a great improvement. On a short mount located just to the right of the left-hand control assembly, the wide angle will project forward, but just give you the edge of the stock screen and the speedometer...whereas the medium arm will provide a clear view of the front scenery only. I have been using this on and off road (really rough stuff) without any issues, although something with better image stabilization would be good over the really lumpy stuff.

    As noted by others, with the RAM mount, several options are available...including the angle or round camera mount, which is used for the Sony, the GoPro adhesive clip mount is just stuck to a flat round RAM ball mount...that 3M stuff is strong.

    Small shot attached showing current mount. Going to get a larger mount for a larger DLR or video camera over the winter...shooting behind the windscreen is OK, but not as good as the 'out in the breeze view'.

    Cheers, Bruce

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