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    Has anyone tried to install one of the touring X-creens on their 990 either with a stock or aftermarket windshield?
    Talked to guy from TT earlier today, but he could definitively
    tell me whether whether or not If the sport or touring model with clamps would work on my factory windshield. I realize it is probably somewhat adjustable, but thought I would at least ask the question to inmates before I pull the trigger.
    Also, has anyone tried the brake and clutch cover ram mounts on same bike?
    They also look to have a great deal of adjustment to fit many different reservoirs, but there again, just looking for some feedback. My stock front brake factory mirror mount broke when ratchet strap broke and my beloved 990 fell onto her side going down the interstate and broke the mirror and mount on reservoir. No crap about bike being pulled on trailer as I didn't have anyone to take me to pick it up from my buddy's place, so I had to trailer it back home to get packed for a trip:confused