Mt Beauty - Thurra River(AUS) Winter ADV

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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    Its mid winter in southern Australia.
    We should be ski ing the Victorian Alps rather than moto camping......
    All that gear... not sure how or where its going to fit!
    We are all a bit slow after a night of beers and whiskey chases catching up on 6 months living and working.
    Chris is still recovering from his mega 1500km drive overnight 24 hours ago.
    It doesn't stop him meticulously organising his gear.........
    Chris bike all loaded the extra fuel bladder totalling 20 litres between the 2 KTM's


    There's not much change out of midday before we're kitted up.

    The weak winter sunshine sees the 3 amigos head east out of town and and head into the hills....
    Chris and Ben opt for Snow board jackets over body armour. We all have several layers of clothing on to keep out the biting cold.
    My Katarina Kato feels cumbersome and wants to fall into the corners....
    We ascend quickly up to Trappers Gap saddle. There's snow on the side of the track and we haven't made the top yet.
    I'm happy to turn on the Oxford heater grips, but the stator struggles to keep the battery charged. I find i have to kick start the Kato if I leave them on too long, when we stop.
    I find the solution is to switch off the heater grips a good 10 minutes before a planned stop.

    We veer on to Holloway Log Rd and climb up to the snow line about 1200m ASL.
    Snow fell yesterday - a mere 4" .... just enough to keep us weekend warriors honest....

    We reach a clear spot and stop to take in the view.
    Mt Bogong is now behind us to the west just above the trees. She's just under 2,000m ASL.


    We push on.... The track is in good order....
    We descend into the Mitta Mitta Valley, and before know it we've climbed back up to the snowline.
    We have to ride a few kms along the Omeo Hwy to get past Mt Wills and avoid the locked seasonal gates.
    We come across snow on the road and stop to have a play....


    We link on to the Knocker Track at a saddle with Mt Wills on our right.
    We Traverse the The Knocker and its snow clad track then decide to descend to Benambra via Burnside Track.
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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic

    I've yet to ride Burnside Track, so let the adventure begin....
    The track soon becomes a narrow 2 wheel track.... no steep inclines, but theres clay & rock sections that keep us focussed and stopping quickly is not an option.
    I begin to relax and enjoy the 4WD track.The stunted snow gums encroach on the track, vie-ing for space....
    The loggers track weaves around the mountain, slowly making its way south and eventually easting towards our very late lunch spot, Benambra.
    Chris is ahead.... we drop steeply into a gully and I can see his 350 EXC climb up the fall line.
    My Katarina lunges at the hill and I pull up next to him beaming.
    We wait for Ben..... He's having trouble at the bottom of the gully.
    It turns out his gear lever has vibrated loose, and he's been having trouble changing gear for some time, but didn't want to say anything, thinking it was the unfamiliar feeling of his new MX boots.
    Chris gamely rides Ben's KTM up to our resting spot clear of the muddy gully.
    The gear lever spline has worn on one side. We nip up the bolt with loctite and hope it holds.
    The track keeps descending , then a long pull up a rutted gully.
    We all make it to the top and Hi-Five each other at the top. Yoo-hoo!

    We soon join The Knocker Track once more and mosey down to the bitumen, cross Lake Omeo and find the General store open.
    We fuel up, then I tentatively ask if they have any hot food..... The lovely lady brews fresh coffee and we scoff a piping hot meat pie beside an enormous wood heater.
    We ask where the nearest camp ground is located on the way to Mt Wabonga?
    She looks at the 3 of us like we've just escaped from the local looney bin and humbly suggests a camp spot called The Native Dog Flat Campground about 30 odd kms up the road.
    With 1/2 an hour of winter light left we re-don our heavy layers of clothing, scramble to our trusty machines and make our way up Limestone Road......
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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    We head east out of Benambra under a darkening sky.
    We're not sure how far up the road this supposed campspot is...
    We keep looking for any tracks leading away from the road once we get part the last of the local farms.
    Its now dark and we' struggling to see the road let any camping opportunities.
    We finally find a small track in the forest. We find a knoll up out of the swamp. There's barely enough room to pitch our tents, but's sheltered and have access to plenty of firewood.
    We can hear the wind in the tree canopy above but we are cosy in our forest hollow.
    We struggle to find a flat spot for the tents, but we're tired and are happy to just to have somewhere to lie down.
    I heat up a pre-cooked dish while Ben stokes the fire.
    Above: another great shot by Ben using the B & W anologue camera
    My Helinox Camping chair comes into its own as the ply the others with tea and hot soup.
    Chris sets up his camera and takes this ripper shot, (below),of the moonless frosty night above our warm fire. upload_2019-9-28_19-31-37.png
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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    P7012388.JPG Below is our route the latter 1/2 of Day 1.
    Burnside Track - Benambra Camp via Limestone Rd
    A long day: about 6 hours in the saddle.

    [​IMG] upload_2019-9-28_19-50-54.png
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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    The cosy campsite protects us from the frost, but it dawns cold and the thought of leaving my warm sleeping bag is not pleasant.
    I reluctantly dress in layers, don the thermals and body amour.
    I prime and fire the MSR stove and rouse the others.
    We savour the hot drinks and wolf down some cold muesli.
    The sun is behind the hillside, so we slowly pack up and load our KTM mules in the shade.
    Ben's having trouble starting his Kato. In the end he has to kick start the stubborn beast. I hope the rectifier is not faulty.
    We make it back out on to Limestone Rd, and head east.
    We gain altitude and the sun pops over the horizon. Its cold, but so much better in the sunshine.
    We reach the Native Dog Flat Campground about 15 km along Limestone Rd. Glad we didn't push on this camp spot.
    Its open - very breezy - and not a skerrick of firewood, because its a popular overnight spot for the car campers.

    We decide to top up with water, as we used every last drop overnight.


    Old man trying not to get his feet wet!
    Ben's Shot shows the heavy frost is still having an affect.
    upload_2019-9-28_21-26-20.png upload_2019-9-28_21-27-15.png
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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    We ride on....
    We gain altitude and find day old snow right across the gravel road.
    At first, I'm apprehensive, but find the knobbies grip as its not icy.
    I experiment and discover I can rooster snow out behind me ob the straight sections!
    I come across a sharp right hander on a steep incline. I make the bend in the road with plenty of momentum. I stop at the next bend and wait for the others.......
    No sign of them....
    I u turn and head back....
    Ben has misjudged the corner and laid the Kato down.... no harm done as he steps away from the moto.
    We keep traversing the range before we pull up on to Mt Wabonga proper and catch our breadth and see other peaks through the alpine snow gums.....


    We gently descend off the summit and the dirt road begins to open up.
    We gain pace now the snow's behind us.
    Farming country emerges and I see some very cold sheep in the alpine paddocks.... Alpine sheep??
    We make the Jindabyne/Omeo Hwy and take a sharp left and moto down the bitumen Rd towards McKillops Bridge on the famous Snowy River.
    We want to make the Bridge for lunch ... its going to be another late one......
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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    We stop for a breather at the head of Little River Gorge, then run east parallel to the gorge. The tar turns to dirt as McKillops Bridge Road starts to wind up on the range.
    Again I lose Ben and Chris in my mirror so I stop and prop......
    Ben rolls up with a piece of tin-metal in his hand.
    Somehow he's seen a flashing object flying thru the air close behind me.... It turns out most of my licence plate has finally vibrated into two and departed company.
    I had foolishly affixed the rego plate with 2 bolts at the top of the guard as I swapped my road reg guard for Ben's a week ago, so his moto was ready for the road worthy.....
    I pocket the tin plate and we moto on.... un-licenced!

    McKillops Bridge Rd is well worth the ride. The narrow 2WD dirt road skirts the steep gorges of the Little River, which eventually flows into the Snowy down stream.
    The Little River Gorge makes a great multi day canyoning trip of about 5 - 7 days..... Another time and adventure perhaps....

    We take a small detour and ride , (literally), down to a cantilevered lookout across Little River Gorge.
    Ben and Chris are somewhat amused at my antics riding down a walking track, but I know the walk back up will aggravate my cantankerous hip, which is due for a replacement!
    We somehow fit the 3 motos on the fenced suspended deck and take in the scenery....
    The view south across the deep gorge is breath taking. At 400m high, its one of the deepest gorges in our state of Victoria.



    We have snack of scroggin, then manoeuvre our Katos off the platform and back up on to the road.
    At some stage we leave behind the Little River Gorge and gain the Snowy River. We get glimpses for the far side of the gorge and occasionally, way below the river itse
    We eventually descend off the range on a narrow marblerly surface, taking our time appreciating the steep drop offs several hundred feet below.
    We make McKillops Bridge in the mid afternoon sun and have some lunch. upload_2019-9-28_22-41-9.png

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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    Thanks for the likes MrsDnf... feel free to comment.
    That goes for all you viewers. Cheers
  9. HugeBrown

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    Oct 12, 2015
    Fantastic write up Paddy, thoroughly engaging read all the way through. I liked the warts and all aspects of the trip, isn't it funny how the hiccups and hardships of these trips tend to be the memories you look back on with the most fondness.
    McKillops bridge here I come!
  10. Paddypalin

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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    Bang on Hughie!
    Its usually the things that happen other than riding, which make the trip memorable.
    Apologies for the detail, but I find its handy later on when I plan the next next ADV ride.
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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    We stop at a picnic spot on the south of McKillops bridge itself.
    Ben goes for a wander with his analogue camera, black & white film loaded......
    Above : The might McKillops Bridge: Apparently, the first bridge built was swept away by the 17m high flood!!

    This one is substantially higher!

    Chris and I scrutinise the maps for the route ahead....
    We notice the Deddick Track a serious 4WD undertaking for a summer adventure, as its seasonally closed.
    Again we are strapped for time.
    We've gout 3 hours of daylight left.
    WE calculate Ben's got about 130km of fuel left.
    We decide to make for Ada Camp- its located at the southern tip of the Erinundra Plateau National Park, then the following day plan to re-fuel at delegate, which is about 50 km to the north.
    We mount our trusty steeds and fire up- except Ben....... He's given up trying to user the starter motor.
    We not sure if its the battery not holding charge, or the rectifier not doing its job...... He gets one go at the starter if he leaves his headlight off.
    We agree to have him in the middle so he can ride without lights.

    We leave the mighty Snowy and head up the Deddick River, still easting.
    The country is noticeably drier. We ascend gradually out of the Deddick catchment valley. There are some awesome campsites along the Deddick River basking in the afternoon sun. Very tempting to camp, but we push on....

    The bush opens up to farmland - marginal at best. It must be in a rain shadow, because the Erinundra Plateau, only 40kms to the east, is the last stronghold of Victoria's old growth rainforest, hosts some of the biggest eucalypts in the country.

    The tricky, marbled gravel road gives me a scare:
    I had been enjoying weaving the bike from spur to gully, when halfway thru one cambered arc, the back tyre has shoots out sideways- Im going down fast.
    I slam my left boot down hard- my aching foot is whisked away by the speed of the KTM, but miraculously the action props the moto back up, as if it never happened.
    Eventually my adrenaline levels calm down......

    The gravel turns to bitumen just before Bonang - not even a one horse town.
    We veer south onto Highway 612, thru Tebbutt, then turn east off on to dirt and ascend very quickly up on to the Erinundra Plateau itself.
    The sun has dropped below the skyline behind us and it cools to cold in a matter of a few kms.

    We are now in a a protected temperate rainforest.
    We zig zag tracks then eventually end up on the Erinundra Track. It cuts thru the national park at alpine altitude, but the eucalypts tower above us.
    The track is flanked by gigantic tree ferns fighting for space.

    I apologise for the lack of photos thru this passage.
    It's intensely cold and we are running out of daylight.
    The creative juices don't flow when you're cold and hungry!

    I check the maps once again to make sure we are on track and blast on...
    The track is now just a 2 wheel track. The puddles are frozen white with ice and there are patches of snow on the open sides of the track- a fire break between the gargantuan eucalypts witnessing our failing attempt to stay warm.

    We now drop off the plateau proper and begin to descend - hopefully to warmer climes.

    I come across a fallen tree lying across the road- its perpendicular to path of travel and about a foot in diameter.
    I commit to mounting the log..... it's icy surface sends me sideways, but a stay upright.
    Ben's next: he seen me and thinks he can do a better job - no he goes sideways too , but recovers. Chris wisely rides around the fallen tree!
    Further on I see a large a large male stag cross the track ahead of me, which ghosts back into the forest.

    Its some 20 kms of descent before we finally turn into Ada Camp ground.
    Darkness is upon us.
    As we are scrambling for firewood, the only other campers, Shane & his son, Alex, waltz over carrying cut and split firewood - and a chunk of fire lighter - unexpected generosity results a roaring fire in minutes!

    We are ravenous. I reheat pre-cooked meatbals in a bolognese sauce and we add a 500gm packet of spaghetti pasta, topped off with parmesan cheese
    Ben and Chris somehow finish the lot!!

    Below is our route for latter half of Day 2: McKillops Bridge - Ada Camp
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    Feb 8, 2019
    Lost between the Dandenongs and Yarra Valley
    Cold and hungry. You guys sure your enjoying this trip? :-)
  13. Paddypalin

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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    I like your comment mrsdnf!
    The timing not perfect being mid winter and very short days. It is the only time the 3 of us can take time off, so the alternative would've been to put off the trip for another 6-12 months.
    I guess being warm is a luxury, so we all really appreciate it rather than take it for granted.
    I pre cooked hearty meals and we eat well when we fuel the KTM's. I havent mentioned I have taken the liberty of carrying a small cask of red wine and a flask of Irish whiskey for a night cap!
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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    Day 3: Below is a map of our route to lunch at Cann River township..... a late lunch! upload_2019-10-1_21-8-17.png
    For those who want to follow our route another time , heres the track notes:
    *Ada Camp - C616, Club Terrace
    *Turn left: Bitumen to 2783 Combienbar Rd, Combienbar
    *Turn right on to Dirt: Blue Gum Rd,
    *Turn right again: Lind Park Ext Rd, Club Terrace
    *Veer on to Coral Reef Track, Club Terrace
    *Turn left on to Hill 60 Trail, Club Terrace VIC 3889.
    *Turn left (east) on to the Princess Hwy; 5 km into Cann River

    Ada Camp is low altitude, so this morning, although overcast, is relatively mild.
    As we wolf down breakfast, we consider our options for the next couple of days......

    We need fuel, but we don't want to waste the best part of a day travelling north to the NSW town of Delegate and return.
    The down side is yesterday we missed taking photos and absorbing the almost iridescent dark green of the Erinundra rainforest.
    We consider skipping Delegate township and making our way south to Cann River and our camp in the Croajingalong National Park on the eastern seaboard.

    WE do some calculations with our fuel supply: I have enough with my long range Safari tank of 21.5 litres @ 17km per litre gives a range of about 360 - ta max of about 400km if I go easy on the Braaping!
    Ben is using a similar amount as my KTM Katarina - about 17km per litre. He fuel capacity is 9.5 in the tank and about 10 litres in the bladder. That's a lesser range of about 330km.
    We figure we need about a 100km fuel range to make Cann River. We calculate we haven't enough fuel between the 3 of us or its going to be very close.
    I decide to approach our fellow campers, Shane and his son Alex to see if they have any spare fuel as they're packing up camp to head home.
    He kindly offers his remaining chainsaw fuel - its already premixed with 2 stroke oil at about 50:1.
    I offer some money, but typical of country folk, he refuses and says to have as much as we want.
    Chris is suspect of any oil additives, as they might affect his fussy injectors.
    We decant the 98 petrol to Chris' KTM and share about 4 litres of 2 stoke fuel between Ben and I, and cross our fingers the older bikes are more tolerant than Chris' princess!

    Below: Ada Camp: We are dwarfed by the gigantic eucalypts. The tree ferns look in on our camp.
    It doesn't rain overnight, but there is a heavy dew.


    Below: Green and more green: every thing is covered in moss and is wet with moisture!



    Chris loads up his trusty steed once again.

    Each morning we check the motos mechanically:
    A general look over checking for anything untoward...
    Then engine oil levels, Tyre Pressures, Chain tension and lube the chain with an aerosol wax.
    We tap the wheel spokes listening for any dull sound signalling a broken or lose spoke.

    Packing up takes time, but we're getting used to the routine. I'm almost out of shellite fuel for the MSR stove and make a mental note to pick some up.
    We say Cheerio to our fellow campers and head south....
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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    Below is our route to lunchtime in Cann River. upload_2019-10-14_14-36-36.png
  16. Paddypalin

    Paddypalin Adventurer

    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    Track Notes:
    Start: Ada Camp
    Erinundra Rd to Combienbar Rd ( south about 10 km)
    Right ( East), at Combienbar Rd for 14 Km
    Right at Easement Quarry Road for 1km
    Veer left on to Pyramid Creek track for 20km
    Sharp back Right at Blue Gum Track for about 6km
    Veer left on to Newlyn Track for 3km
    Merges into Lind Park Extension Road for about 20km
    Left on to Hill 60 Track south 1.5km to Princess Hwy.
    Left on to Princess Hwy to Cann River for about 16km.

    South along Erinundra Rd road tracks along the river - fun flat track riding on a firm dirt surface in a world of evergreen.
    We head east on to Combienbar road and travel in an easterly direction on the bitumen. The weather hasn't made up its mind - Its overcast with a heavy feeling in the air - the road's wet but its not raining- drizzle starts to form droplets on my goggles.
    A farm hatched out in the dense forest reveals our departure from the tar.
    We turn on to Easement Quarry Rd, past an abandoned place full of old road equipment - signage all along reading camera surveillance- slightly creepy.
    Were keen to move on, up a spur line then veer left on to Pyramid Creek Track. The 2 wheel track is gently climbing - it has little use as the grass has regrown giving me a sinking feeling its going to turn into a goat track.
    We keep tracking up on to the mountain range. The forest is no longer as intense as the Erinundra NP but its lush.
    We miss the turning sharp back right on to Blue Gum Track and back track from Staggs Creek Rd.
    We stop and have a gander at the maps to figure a way south through a series of logging areas south to Cann River.

    upload_2019-10-14_18-33-26.png Photo Credit: Ben

    Photo credit: Ben
    Photo Credit: Ben
    Photo Credit: Ben

    We head down a track carpeted in leaves little used but its in good condition with the odd fallen tree chain sawed cleared. We enjoy meandering along the range top hoping for a view through the trees. Apart from negotiating the odd fallen sapling across the track the going is easy and enjoyable.
    Blue Gum Track tacks a double back track to the right at Newlyn Track. It looks abandoned about 3 generations ago. We can see 3 -4 m high saplings growing thickly in the road.
    I'm dreading all those full size trees we would have to dodge or convince our moto steed to mount......

    Photo Credit: Ben

    Again we consult the map..... time's ticking....
    We find a series of tracks to the east on the map, which follows the Tonghi Creek.
    We re-load the GPS and hope for the best......

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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    Newlyn Track Soon begins to descend down a spur line.... It gains momentum and gets steeper....
    It has plenty of grip and soon we reach the valley floor and merge with Lind Park Extension track.
    The very bottom of the valley we cross Tonghi Creek and and its very shadowed.
    One particular gully I see the track ahead has a positive camber.... I drop drop in and BRAAP out....
    At the last minute I notice the clay track has a slight green tinge to it.....
    The back tyre spins out - i respond an Katarina does her best but I'm slammed left side down into the rock hard but greasy surface.
    Im relieved to slide clear of the moto... The KTM makes a perfect arc of 180 degrees and slams into the embankment.
    As I slide to a halt, winded, out of the corner of my eye I spy Ben getting up from his 45o.

    Chris was not far behind:
    He reckons Ben and I looked as if we were synchronised as we both lost it in slow motion. He's not far behind Ben and applies the brakes. The front wheel locks up and he considers the the consequences of tyre-ing over his younger brother.....
    Somehow he eases the brakes and convinces hid KTM to veer to the left..... It somehow gains traction in the leaf litter in the gutter hard up against the cutting.

    I'm trying to suck in air, while Ben nonchalantly stands his moto up as if nothing has happened.
    We discover the surface is like a skating rink and never sees sunshine due to the overhanging trees.
    I wiggle my toes and hands.... they feel alright...... the left side of my body is letting me know its going to be sore for a few days.... Im happy to be wearing my body armour, but my shoulder - the good one- is aching...
    I discover after the trip I had broken my left collarbone.
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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    My KTM EXC is remarkably intact. I've cracked a mirror and gained some clay skid marks, but that's about it
    ( Sorry no photos).
    We gingerly continue on.....
    It turns out that was the only greasy section of about 50m for the whole section!
    The Lind Park Track leaves the Tonghi Creek and ascends over the last mountain range before we descend on to the Princess Hwy and trundle into Can River with very little fuel left in our tanks.
    We fuel up.
    I try unsuccessfully try to find more Shellite white spirits for the MSR stove.
    Chris wanders across the road to the small licensed grocer and spends a small fortune on a bottle of pain killer otherwise known as a bottle of whiskey, oh and some some food for tomorrow night!

    Ita well after lunch and we're ravenous.
    The couple running the local café recognise me from my last sojourn back in April.
    Its colder this time, but at least its not raining.
    We sit down to a well earned burger, chips and strong coffee.

    Photo Credit: Ben
    Photo Credit: Ben
    Photo credit: Chris?
    Photo credit: Paddy
    Photo credit: Chris

    We load the motos and head down the Thurra River Road.
    Tar turns to dirt and I enjoy the braaping the sandy bends that lead us to the coast.
    From the mountains to the sea...
    The ecology changes - the lofty eucalypts give way to coastal banksias and tee tree.
    We cross a divide skirt the marsh then ease down to The Croajingalong NP.
    We veer right and cross the bridge at Thurra River itself.
    Ben and can't remember, but Chris is adamant Ben had learnt to ride his bicycle riding down the road on to the bridge - and crashing a couple of decades ago when we were a young family on a camping holiday.

    We find a campsite nestled in the coastal rain forest behind the primary dunes.
    We can hear the breaking surf close, like thunder.
  19. Paddypalin

    Paddypalin Adventurer

    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    We're thankful to be out of the prevailing sea breeze.
    In the fading light we build a big fire, set up the tents and look forward to another an even bigger pre cooked meal.
    Photo credit: Chris?
    Photo credit: Chris?

    Photo credit: Chris?
    Photo credit: Chris?
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    Apr 7, 2014
    Mudgegonga, NE Vic
    Day 4:

    It has rained in the night.
    I hurriedly got up in the blackness of gathering rain and packed away our gear sprawled across the table and camp before diving back into my warm sleeping bag.
    The dawn reveals clearing skies.
    We decide to call it a rest day.
    Im relieved as I'm sore all down one side and feel like a bruised avocado - not much good for anything.
    Thurra River is as far east as this trip is going to get us.

    We have a lazy start - several hot drinks and keep the fire stoked as the sun gathers strength as it arcs through the trees.
    Photo credit: Chris?
    As we survey our gear and the state of our trusty steeds, a fearless flock of Willy Wag tails sweep through our camp picking up the smallest of insects and our split crumbs, half flying half hopping with lightning speed amongst our feet as if we are statues.
    Photo Credit: Chris?
    ( Can you see the Willy Wagtail?)
    Ben decides to stretch his legs and explore the coast west to Point Hicks, an isolated lighthouse on the mainland.
    I decide to try sort out some electronic gremlins on my KTM.

    (I forgot to mention we solve Ben's battery issue yesterday at Cann River.
    We decided to swap batteries with my Moto to see if my KTM would charge up his battery.
    While wolfing down our lunch, I called a battery supplier in Orbost to see if they had a matching one for Ben. I wasn't convinced it was the battery, but possibly the rectifier or the stator.
    When we came to dismantle the seats and expose the batteries, we discovered Ben's battery terminals are loose.
    We change batteries anyway to see if my moto charge will charge his battery.
    It does and the problem is simply solved.)

    Chris volunteers to give me a hand.....

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