Mt Everest from Lhasa Tibet to Kathmandu Nepal

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    May 27, 2015
    250.JPG In 2016 we had four Jailing 650's and one side car bike loaded on to a truck in Shanghai and driven to Lhasa Tibet, it took the 9 days to get there. We flew in to Lhasa in the afternoon and watched a religious ceremony in the square that afternoon. At the evening meal I got altitude sickness and was taken to my room. I swallowed 6 pills, drank water and sucked on an oxygen mask all night. All good for the following day. It took us 2 days to ride to the start of the road to Mt Everest basecamp. We spent 1/2 day getting Chinese drivers licenses so to get through a border crossing that didn't require them, ate great food and had magic weather. The road to Mt Everest base camp is 90km's of fast flowing gravel roads and even on 40Hp Jailing's with half the horse power due to altitude it was a phenomenal ride. We saw the Chinese army at base camp, there were there to protect the region from the invading Nepalese...
    It was difficult to walk to the view point due to the altitude but we got there by resting every 3 steps. The lunch at base camp was brilliant. Then back to Snow leopard lodge for a thirst quenching evening of laughs because of the road and to make fun of the guy in the side car who stopped 9 times to fix the side car mounts..

    The next day we travelled to Kathmandu and had to leave the Jailings at the border. We had a massive night in Kathmandu and managed to meet a guy who could get us bikes for the day. We meet him in the hotel lobby at 9am (amazing really) and spent the day riding in Kathmandu. We rode to the monkey temple and to the top of a mountain where we drank coke on the deck of an old English villa. That night we flew out. It was an incredible ride. I have skipped over the details of the scenery, smells, riding challenges, people, poverty, beauty and weather because words do not do something justice. 250.JPG 250.JPG

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