Must have ADV books for your Christmas list...

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  1. Be Gone For Good

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    It is getting colder by the minute so I thought I would throw out my Top 5 ADV books. Any thoughts?
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    Thanks for the effort. Anything that encourages reading is a net good.

    I've read a couple of so-called motorcycle travelogues and the like -- what might be classified as "ADV" here -- and none of them made me seek out more of the same. Frankly, they kind of put my feet to sleep. Pirsig's "Zen..." is the exemplar here. Peart's "Ghost Rider" certainly earns a podium finish, also.

    With the foregoing in mind, keep the travelogue but get rid of the motorcycle, and you'll have the same general thing, but you'll now have access to truly great literature. The best way to begin here, in my estimation, is with Fermor's "A Time of Gifts". His narrative style is as broad and as rich as can be whilst remaining [generally] accessible to the regular reader. Read the reviews. Read the book. And keep reading. :thumbup
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    Good choices here. Ted Simon's books are top grade, and it was good to see Ewan McGregor pay tribute to Simon in the Mongolian segment of Long Way Round. Ted Bishop’s Riding with Rilke and C.K. Shepherd's Across America by Motorcycle, written in 1922, are also worthwhile. I'm looking forward to Lone Rider.
  4. Be Gone For Good

    Be Gone For Good Been here awhile

    Dec 10, 2016
    Durham, NC
    Thank you so much for the view and review. I never thought of opening up my reading to travelogues in general but that really got me thinking. Have we as motorcyclists simply not had our magnum opus written yet? Is there no motorcycle version of On The Road or A Time Of Gifts? Are we still looking for the great American novel to be written about a motorbike?
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  5. Be Gone For Good

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    Dec 10, 2016
    Durham, NC
    Great suggestions and they will also be added to the reading list. I will have a fun winter with all these titles to run through. You are going to love Lone Rider. She is brutally honest and really went through some nasty times on her travels. Such a great story and apparently her interviews afterward detail many off the bike trials when she returned as well.
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    Watch a 10-minute video to find out what 5 (or 6) books you recommend reading? O the Irony...

    So come on, for those of us who don't have the attention span to sit through a 10-minute slog - what are they?

    And, skip Peart's Ghost Rider - it's more about his personal healing from deaths of loved ones than travelling (unless you, too, are recovering from such loss). Go with his other efforts - Roadshow and the various 'Far and...' ones. Excellent!
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    Coles Notes version of the video please.
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    Shit, I read the post title as 'Must-have ADV boots for winter'
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  9. usgser

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    I've gotta add "One Man Caravan" by Robert Fulton jr. Round the world on a 1932 Douglas on 1932 roads.
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  10. rkdwp

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    Oct 6, 2014
    if you have any interest in rally or Dakar, Lawrence Hacking's To Dakar and Back: 21 Days Across North Africa by Motorcycle is fantastic.
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  11. Eldon

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    "Riding The Edge" by Dave Barr

    An amazing documentary of a journey around the world. Dave is an incredible inspiration.
  12. lkraus

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    List the titles, give a three line synopsis of each and we can read them all in less time than it takes to click on the video.

    Video is not always a good format to express your ideas.
  13. Norty01


    Jan 30, 2014
    A book to read during the Winter?

    "How to ride off-road motorcycles"
    By Gary LaPlante

    The book covers techniques to overcome obstacles. Both mental AND physical. It offers VERY advanced techniques for the seasoned rider.

    Gary also backs this info up by offering motorcycle training courses on his land in SoCal.

    Motocross racers, yeah he's got doubles/triple and whoops to train on.

    Single track riders? Oh, you bet! With deep, soft sand and or running water over it? Sure, with a 40 degree incline into it! Off camber.

    Adventure riders? He's got classes for you too.

    Trials riders, pay attention~ El Trial De Espania is held on Gary's property every year. Yes, it's that good of an area.

    Oh, if you want to do some riding on an actual track, there's Cahuilla Motocross Raceway that's across Hwy 79 from Gary's place.

    Oh, some of you may want to look at
  14. MonkeyBut

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    There used to be thread on Adv about the same topic but it was more like, what riding books would you bring for camping. Its buried somewhere in here, but I took a lot of recommendations and read though a lot of them. Here are some I thoroughly enjoyed, in no order;

    Jupiters Travels - Ted Simon Almost a must if you're on this website.
    Dreaming of Jupiter - Ted Simon Almost a must must if you read the first one. Tries to retrace his original round the would route to find similarities and differences in the world 30 years later
    2 Wheels Through Hell - Glen Heggstad A member here (The Striking Viking) Awesome adventure travel story of riding from California to Tierra Del Fuego. True grit in the face of death.
    One More Day Everywhere - Glen Heggstad He has a great easy writing style that flows in both books. This time he journeys around the world. A guy you'd want to have a beer with.
    The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing - Melissa Holbrook Pierson Great book about Long Distance Iron Butt riders. Mostly about the famous John Ryan before his unfortunate passing.
    One Man Caravan - Robert Edison Fulton Jr. Crazy bastard!! Takes a few pages to read his writing style but what a true early adventurer.
    Lone Rider - Elspeth Beard What a woman!! Great story with a somewhat sad ending. No spoilers.
    The University of Gravel Roads - Rene Cormier Another great adventure story. Great read and a lot of colorful pictures not usually found in most books.

    The Vincent in the Barn - Tom Cotter Good collection of short stories about finding vintage motorcycles. Not great as a travel/adventure story but good find motorcycle stories.
    No Thru Road - Clement Salvadori Good collection (in no order) of different adventures throughout the world on various motorcycles. Great writing style.
    Learnings 3 - Peter Egan Good collection of stories by the author of riding different bikes on different adventures. Similar to Salvadori, different writng style. Both have good stories.
    (I added the 3 above because I read them and would still recommend. Just know they are collections of stories and not a continuous adventure.)

    Godforsaken Sea - Derek Lundy Not adventure riding but adventure sailing!! Holy crap these people have balls!! Great story about 1997 Vendee Globe Race. Great read!!
    The Long Way - Bernard Moitessier Vendee Globe sailor that has a great style of writing. Not as dramatic as Godforsaken Sea. Almost Zen-like but understandable and readable. Haha
    (I added these 2 because the adventure travel books that were recommended turned out to be good so thought I'd try a different type of solo adventure reading. Glad I picked these up so I'll definitely pass it forward and recommend these as well.)

    Into the Black - Rowland White Great story about the behind the scenes of the first Space Shuttle mission and some government secrets. Definitely a lot of stuff going on.
    The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein Sit back, relax and thoroughly enjoy this great book from a dogs perspective. Highly non-adventure recommendation.

    I will say that investing in an Illustrated World Atlas, I mean a big ass world atlas book, that allows you to actually see and follow any of the traveler's books mentioned above from little town and little road to the following little town and road. It helps with actually seeing where and how far they went in their adventures. I have a Readers Digest Illustrated World Atlas from 2004 that serves this purpose. At first it was a little clumsy to read, look for little town, read, look again but after a while it was a great addition to their story since most books don't have detailed maps of where they went.
    Hope this list helps someone receive or give the gift of adventure. Feel free to PM with any questions. I'm no critic and just an ordinary guy that like to read and find joy in other peoples adventures. That's a huge reason why I'm on this site. The wealth of information and sometimes the little extra motivation to get out and just ride a little more and try something different.
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