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Discussion in 'Dakar champion (950/990)' started by Greg Minor, May 28, 2004.

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    Great mod Greg! :thumb

    I'm looking forward to the pictures and your experiences already! :nod A 4.25" is excellent because it can take both a 160/60 (road tire) and the common 150/50 dual sport tires.

    Both are excellent. Tire discussions are always difficult as they are very personal and based on lots of variables (bike, weight, rider, suspension settings etc.) and subjective aspects like how a rider like the 'feel' of them or not.

    In general I think it's fairly safe to say that Tourances are more stable, a bit heavier steering (typical Metzeler) and should last a little longer than Anakees. A safe bet, that's for sure. The Michelins seem to have (even) more grip, handling and steering is lighter and quicker. Just as they wear quicker. In the wet they're said to be unbeatable. I guy from Michelin told me that the front Anakee has the compound of the Pilot Sport road radial while the rear has the compound of the Pilot Road. Excellent 'ingredients'. :wink:

    For a 19/17" setup my personal choice would be the Anakee. :nod

    Yet, yesterday I've ordered a Tourance 90/90-21 H for my bike. A mix with the rear stock Scorpion is unpredictable so the Tourance seems a safer choice. Especially as the stock Pirellis are 'Made in Germany'. Metzeler is owned by Pirelli so the 950s Scorpions are made by Metzeler with 95% certainty. I think there is a fair chance that there is quite some technical similarity between the two.