My Experience and Review of the AltRider Skid Plate

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    Adventure bikes are amazing machines. They can pound out the highway miles, but can also rip it up on the local trails. I own a 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure R. I absolutely love the bike. Its hands down the all around raddest machine I have ever been on. But if you ride in the dirt often you will drop your machine and you scrape the underbelly on rocks and logs. This is inevitable so I decided to seek out protection. The 1190 Adventure R comes from the factory with decent crash bars, but the engineers in Austria decided a plastic skid plate was suitable for whatever reason. Well its not. Its trash. So after I threw the factory plate in the garbage I picked up a plate from Altrider. After several months of beating, banging, pounding, scraping, and general abuse, here are my thoughts on the Altrider skid plate.

    Initial Thoughts and the Install

    The plate arrived very quickly from Altrider and taking it out of the box for the first time I was immediately impressed. Not only did the plate look great, but the feel of the metal and the welds screamed solid engineering. But only time on the trails was going to tell me just how resilient this plate was. As for the install there isn't not a lot to say here because it was a breeze. The plate came from Altrider with everything needed, even new peg springs. The instructions were thorough and everything fit perfect as it should. I was impressed that I didn't have to pull or tug on any of the brackets to get a screw started like some of the other plates I’ve owned in the past. Also, AltRider designed the only plate on the market that attaches to the frame and the foot peg mounting points creating a robust and strong design that I liked and its laser cut from Anodized aluminum. Another great feature is the plate is compatible with the KTM factory crash bars. The plate also provides coverage for the motor, clutch pack, stator, and coverage for the side stand mount which eliminates he need for a side stand relocation kit. These are my initial reasons why I decided to go with the AltRider plate. I spent around an hour installing the plate with no issues.

    Testing and Abusing the Plate

    As with any new piece of gear I set about thrashing it on the local trails and taking several long trips to test its merit. Over the course of 7 months I pounded out countless dirt miles with the Altrider plate protecting my 1190’s underbelly. I would purposely grind the plate over tall rocks and slide it over almost every log I came across to see how the plate handled the abuse. Even when I would take unexpected heavy blows to my underbelly on the trail the Altrider plate would soak them up no problem. During one creek crossing in particular on the Alpine Loop in Colorado the water was muddy from a recent rain and I couldn't make out what the best line across would be. Finally I just picked a line and went for it. Halfway across I hammered a rock that I couldn't see under the water. I hit the rock so hard in fact that the force of the impact lifted the whole front end of the bike into the air and set me down about two feet to my left. The sound the blow made was terrible and I thought for sure I had damaged the plate, or at least put a decent sized dent in it. Once across I checked and to my surprise there was no dent, just a small scuff where the rock had hit. It was then that I realized I was dealing with a tough as nails plate. The Altrider plate withstood everything I threw at it with just a few scuffs and zero damage to the bike. The robust design and quality materials translated to superior proven bike protection on the trails. Its a hell of a plate. The team at Altrider should be proud of this product.


    I can set here at my keyboard and continue to tell you more about the facts and engineering figures of the Altrider plate, but I won’t. Ive never been a facts and figures guy. I’ve been a show me guy. Show me in the real world that something lives up to its claims. The Altrider skid plate has proven its merit to me. The plate eats whatever you throw at it on the trails and asks for more. Nothing can replace actually putting a piece of gear through real world abuse to see if it has the right to belong on your bike. In this case I feel completely safe knowing the Altrider skid plate is protecting my bike. I have no doubt that my underbelly is completely protected. And that peace of mind when you're 20 miles into backcountry is priceless.

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    what about the kickstand did u relocate it? if so what companies device did u use? thanks
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    While my Altrider plate was for an S10, a week offroad in AZ visiting Toroweap, showed its value. In (3) different places, the plate showed damage that would have broken cases at least. One rock rang the plate so hard (sounded like a base ball bat had hit it), that I stopped and dismounted knowing oil was gonna be spilling on the dirt. the plate was smashed inward, (Grapefruit sized dent) No Damage. My plate was thrashed left, right & bottom, only the front was square. Still protected fine until 6 mos later, I bought another Altrider plate to replace it.

    Good Stuff, it fits.
    Mike B