My May Day Ride - a Serendipitous Adventure

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    I left the house this morning having absolutely no idea where I intended to go.
    I thought about making my Bighorns Loop but with weax coming from the West I didn't want to run into snow at high altitude on the two passes.

    Instead, I worked my way north and east to Broadus MT - "The Wavingest Town" with the intention of eating breakfast at the sole cafe in town. The cafe was jammed - 20 pickups and 5 semis parked in front and a line out the door.

    I headed down MT/WY 59, a road I had never ridden, to Gillette WY and a later breakfast.

    After French Toast in Gillette, served by a masked waiter in an unmasked restaurant, I got a call from one of the few guys in the BMW group that actually rides. He wanted to meet somewhere, Sundance was an hour away for both of us so we met at noon.
    On my way to meet Dan, I passed several miles of BNSF Locomotives parked nose to tail on three parallel tracks, between the lack of coal mining here and the reduction in imported goods on the west coast there are an awful lot of rail cars and engines sitting.
    After an hour of B.S., we headed to the Southern Black Hills and then back to Rapid City where he lives.

    I left Dan at a stoplight in Rapid City and headed home with alacrity as the weather was building to the west. I got home just in time to avoid the first raindrops. Once in the garage the raindrops stopped, we really need rain it is damn dry and not looking good.

    My new Fuji XP-140 worked well. I can operate it with one hand with gloves on and it transfers the pictures to my phone automatically, I can then add the pictures to the Relive Video with little effort. The time signature of the camera and the geolocation are obtained from the phone by the camera. The XP-140 is a little bigger and heavier than the old Olympus I used to use but it is not a problem and all I need is a little longer lanyard for it to be perfect.

    Click anywhere in the Image Below to run the Video

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    Love that app your using.
    Looks like a great ride.
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    This is really cool damn nice ride!
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    Clicking on the image brings up an "access denied" window.