[my review] Men's Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket (Red/Black, X-Large)

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    I looked at and tried on many different summer mesh motorcycle jackets but none of them compare to the Joe Rocket Phoenix. Initially I wanted to save some money and buy a cheap $70 jacket but after receiving my JR I can't believe I even considered other less expensive jackets. The fit alone makes it well worth the money. At 6'2", 180# many other mesh jackets were very big and baggy in the arms as well as the chest. No doubt riding in them would have been uncomfortable as the extra material would've flapped in the wind quite a bit. I don't exaggerate when I say that the Medium Tall is a PERFECT fit. If you're tall/thin like me do yourself a favor and buy a Tall size. Fit is everything. Forget about color-matching your jacket to your bike. I was going to do that but a good fitting jacket looks 100x better (and feels 100x better) than a color-matched jacket that doesn't fit well. JR is definitely quality. Strong yet very breathable mesh, great armor, practical adjustability and many attentions to detail (ie: the shell's zipper has an inner flap to keep wind out AND the liner's zipper is off-set so as to further prevent wind drafts when riding in colder weather, which I have yet to do but I suspect I could make this a 3-season jacket). I've ridden in temps from 70 to 105 (in Indiana, so it's a very humid heat). The Phoenix keeps me cool and dry up to ~100, then it's just hot no matter what. Though I was warm I wasn't sweating bullets because the airflow kept me dry. ATGATT=All The Gear All The Time. Be safe. Buy a jacket. $150 is cheap health insurance.
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    Do you have more details except its cheap price.
    What is the benefit of ridding in summer?
    Where to buy?:D:D:D