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Name the Best TankBag for the GS

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by JUIJITSU, Jul 13, 2001.

  1. AJ2

    AJ2 Master of the Universe

    Nov 16, 2001
    New York
    I had the bagster bags already, so I got the Bagster GS tank cover/bag holder. I thought it would be ugly, but actually it looks pretty good, and it has a little pad where your knees hit the tank, making it a tad more comfy.

    I like the bags, there are two that stack, use either one or both as needed. Check www.bagster.com

    The site is a little annoying, and the pictures don't do it justice. I'll post a pic as soon as I get either a scanner or digital camera. Anyone wanna send me an X-mas present?
  2. bear

    bear Guest

    I have the Tourtech tank bag. I love the tank panniers, plus the bag comes with straps to make it into a back pack. I have yet to have it move around like other tankbags I owned. It comes with a removeable map pocket. The Tourtech was not as expensive as the BMW bag. I had a friend who told me not to get the BMW bag, after I bought my bag he went and got the Tourtech
  3. cmunger

    cmunger n00b

    Oct 22, 2001
    I bought the BMW Multi-vario bag, rode with it for 20k miles and sold it. Never got use to just one big open compartment and didn't like the map holder because the map is exposed to the elments all the times. Went through a bunch of maps. Anyway, bought a RTA Magnetic bag, the larger one, with rain cover. Easily expandable, has small zippered pocket in front for: tire guage, ear plugs, keys, etc...w/o having to open main compartment. Good carry handle. Good magnetic stability. Took a long flyer over a r/r track in Mexico at 90mph, slamed down hard, and the bag stayed on w/o any other restraints. Just plop it on the tank and go. About $160 for the bag. Not free but a much better deal than the BMW bag.
  4. fish

    fish Banned

    Jul 6, 2001
    Gold Country
    Somehow, I missed this post. Colonel is right...I didn't even know Held made tankbags. I just got back from a stroll over at Helimot's website and found the Held tankbags. They look great. I probably would have bought one had I known about them prior to buying my Multivarios (one for each beemer), and when my current bags break or wearout, I'll likely replace them with a Held product.

  5. eap

    eap El Adventurero Solitario Supporter

    Nov 1, 2001
    Maryland, Least Coast USA
    http://bigmakaccess.com/ says they'll have a bag out for the GS soon - the "SAFARI". Here is an excerpt of their response to my inquiry:

    " I will try my best to have it done before Christmas, check in often (squeaky
    wheel effect :-)). If I haven't mentioned this before, others have bought
    the Explorer bag with our bracket for the R bike and used it on the GS
    (won't work with barbacks). If you want to try an Explorer ($199.95) for
    now, I will allow full trade-in credit for it against the "Safari" bag for
    the GS when it is ready. I expect that bag and tankrack to be in the
    $270-290 range. The Safari tankrack will mount to the cap flange and have
    two rails follow the curve of the tank and terminate under the seat. At the
    front of the rack will be a block of plastic that will allow a GPS holder to
    be mounted. It will also allow attachment of future tank pannier brackets.
    Due to the handlebar crossbar, the tankbag will buckle top and bottom, just
    unclip the top and lay bag on seat to fill up. The bag will be curved, with
    a water pouch compartment at the front of the rider. There will be a main
    compartment on top, with side pockets and mesh pocket(s), with other
    attachment points for accessories.
    Feel free to call anytime. 800-714-7204
    Mark Kackley

    Ride Safe, Ride OFten