Natural position for foot pegs

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by side-burn, Jun 18, 2019.

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    Apr 28, 2019
    I picked up a pair of Sidi Adventure 2s over the weekend and needed to tune my shifter footpeg a little. The brake lever is perfect, so I primarily focused on the shift side.

    Funny enough, I started messing with some different positions and found that I liked a setup where my natural position was under the shifter or at least the knob high enough that I could move from the balls of my feet on the pegs to under the shifter with minimal effort. The downside is that the knob is a bit high, so down-shifts have a little bit more movement and to rest over the shift knob, my boot heal needs to rest on the peg. Rarely have I ever had a bike where downshifts were ever an issue, so I'm tempted to try this out for a while because the up-shift is so fluid.

    I'm curious what others have discovered on these bikes. My Enduro race rig is setup totally opposite, but that's 99.9% off road, while my GSA is more like 90% on road and the 10% is fire roads, etc.
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    Yeah those boots have a big toe box.
    Adjust per your need. I have the SW Motech lowered pegs and they’re just right for myself if that helps.