Nav VI, phone and headset pairing question

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    I am reading through the information on my BMW NAV VI and it says if I want to see weather radar I have to pair a phone and get the appropriate APP. No big deal. But it says I cannot pair a phone until I pair a compatible head set. I guess I shouldn't argue why this is the case but has anyone tried to just pair a phone and had it work?

    In the old days of technology I can where if I paired to the phone first it would forever prevent me from pairing the in between item which in this case would be a headset. I have no interest in getting verbal direction from a GPS and listening to music seems to unlikely to satisfy me given that I always ride with ear plugs. Accordingly, I don't have a reason for the headset. But there are apps like weather radar I would like to use that require a phone to be paired which leads me back to paring a headset.

    Anyone just try pairing a phone and NOT had the whole thing meltdown?

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    You do not need to have a headset to pair your phone - you will just need also the garmin smartphone line app to see the weather info - besides this the app is pretty useless
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    And, if you get that smart phone app be prepared to get small craft warnings from four hundred miles away. Those weren't too bad but while riding in Colorado a few months ago I got fire weather warnings every few minutes for days. Every time I got one of those warnings it would interrupt any conversations going on over the Sena headset for twenty to thirty seconds. I eventually removed the app. I couldn't find any way to tell the thing to stop interrupting every few minutes to give me the same warning I'd received fifty times that day already.
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    You definitely don’t need the headset for the smartlink app to work with your nav VI. Although I use a sena 20, it does not need to be on for the link to work.

    However, if you try to do anything with music on your NAV VI it won’t let you do anything unless it detects that headset.

    Off topic...if you did want to listen to music, but not lose your necessary earplugs. I can’t stand the wind noise, but like music while riding. These have accomplished both.
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    I battled this pairing shite til blue in the face before I found out form a guy on the MOA forum that you need to first pair the headset t the bike and then the phone to the bike.
    I was pairing the headset to the phone...
    The music selection on the phone would not work on the NAV VI paired wrongly.
    It may help; to un-check all the bluetooth items and turn bluetooth of, then re-do it.
    Turn bluetooth on
    Check 'find bluetooth devices' or whatevre it says
    Pair you headset
    Pair your phone.
    Make sure your phone and headset are NOT paired.
    I hate this modern crap.
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    There are different ways to skin the cat. I no longer pair my Nav VI to my Sena. I don't want audible alarms (weather and traffic alerts) interrupting other audio, like an intercom conversation (you will still see the alerts on the GPS screen, but there'll be no "chime" and no interruptions). I pair my iPhone to my Sena headset, so that I can access Siri to make phone calls, read/send texts (which I do very rarely, and not in traffic). I also play the music stored on my phone through my headset this way. Obviously, I'm no longer using the Nav VI as the hub, and the GPS media player app doesn't work, but I find my setup has more advantages. Using the Nav VI as the hub, does not allow me to access Siri, which I don't like.
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    I'm just here for that one guy that lists the 25 steps required to make the Garmin work properly.... after turning everything off for 5 secondss.. and then call it simple.

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    I still use Nav VI for the map and I use Siri for the same reasons and to open apps on the iPhone which can get me to Amazon Music, for example. I have an unlimited music account (and data with my carrier) there and when that's open, I can access Alexa and have her play different albums, artists, genres, songs, etc.. And....since I have a Cardo Packtalk Slim, I talk to Cardo too.
    As long as I can keep track of the names and logical order, I'm good to go.
    I still have my iPhone Plus in my handlebar bag under acetate where I can see my radar app.
    The Nav VI and TFT still serve their purpose visually, but I don't plan on using the software for my comms - yet. Maybe if BMW or Garmin can distinguish a digital world with their own host names (like Bavaria and Greta maybe), I could have more virtual friends on my ride. :hmmmmm