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  1. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner Playing tag like a kid

    Dec 31, 2007
    WNC, almost SC
    Alright here we go. Lets get this thing started and hopefully we start off alot smoother than some of the others. The game is simple, the rules are easy, the goal is to get people out riding. With the goal in mind, please dont make the clues so hard that we have to surf longer on the net than we have to ride to get the tag. So here are the rules :deal .

    #2 THE PHOTOS OF THE TAG SHALL BE AS CLOSE AS THE PREVIOUS TAG PHOTOS AS POSSIBLE. That means that the tagger needs to make sure that his photo can be shot be anyone on any bike. The taggers bike needs to be in the photo. So I think that if a road is goverment maintaned and legal to ride than it is fair game. Gravel or not. Also tell us where the tag was.
    #3 NO WHINING ABOUT IT BEING TOO FAR. If U think it is too far go get it and bring it back to your part of the state. Trust me I will.
    #4 TAG MUST BE FINDABLE. If a tag is standing too long U will be asked to post a clue or a new tag. New tag must be posted no later than 24 hrs of the posting of your tag. U will forfeit your tag to the previous tagger. Lets keep the game moving.
    #5 HE WHO POSTS FIRST WINS. It dont matter if U got to it first, He who post first wins the tag (Man I am seriously thinking about getting a laptop or a blackberry now).
    OK I believe that that is it. So lets have fun and ride safe. All rules are subject to change if the larger part of the inmates think that it should change. Lets go play TAG!!

    List of tags that have been used as of 7/06/09

    <TABLE class=tborder id=post9672921 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=4 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD class=alt2 width=175></TD><TD class=alt1 id=td_post_9672921><!-- icon and title -->New tag tally
    <HR style="COLOR: #575757" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->#1)Bridal Veil Falls- Macon County, Tagged by Po Sloke
    #2)Cabin #11 at BRMC- Cruso, Tagged by knybanjo
    #3)Buzzards Roost-Madison County, Tagged by Stromn Norman
    #4)BRP Bridge at Bent Creek Gap, Tagged by Brew4U
    #5)Anchor Steam Power Plant- Asheville, Tagged by 1upyorn
    #6)Dirty Jacks-Asheville, Tagged by icn4d
    #7)Sales Bleachery-Asheville, Tagged by 1upyorn
    #8)Acme Motorcycles-Fariview, Tagged by Stromin Nroman
    #9)Looking Glass Rock-Pisgah National Forest, Tagged by Brew4U
    #10)Walker Falls-Pisgah National Forest, Tagged by Ridge Runner
    #11)Flint Arrowhead-Old Fort, Tagged by Brew4U
    #12)Old VA Hospital-Oteen,Tagged by Cuttle
    #13)Rich Mtn Lookout Tower-Madison County, Tagged by 1upyorn
    #14)Battery Park/Hilltop-Asheville,Tagged by icn4d
    #15)Usual Supsects Resturant-Asheville, Tagged by 1upyorn
    #16)Walking Bridge @ Mills River Campground-Mills River, Tagged by Johnny Crash
    #17)Yadkin Valley Overlook-BRP, Tagged by PO-SLOKE
    #18)Smallest US Post Office-Natahala National Forest,Tagged by Avacodo Sandwich
    #19)Scottish Tartans Museum-Franklin, Tagged by Sixpack42
    #20)Chatham County Courthouse-Pittsboro, Tagged by yamatech5
    #21)American Legion-Schley, Tagged by Sixpack42
    #22)Old Mill of Guilford-Oak Ridge, Tagged by EatPharmD
    #23)Wood Mill Winery-Vale, Tagged by
    #24)Green Park Inn-Blowing Rock, Tagged by Johnny Crash
    #25)Enka Middle School-Enka, Motorbreath
    #26)Helens Bridge-Asheville, POSLOKE
    #27)Tsali Trail- Natahala National Forest, Hines
    #28)Stateline on US 129-Swain County, JoeWannaB
    #29)Warrior Motel-Bryson City,Nichelob
    #30)Oakwood Cemetery-Concord,Scott Davis
    #31)Cedar Island Ferry-OBX,BigBDavis
    #32)DdT Outlet-Hampstead,CanyonRider
    #33)Possum Track USA-White Level Road near Franklington,ggrjr
    #34)Guilford Battleground Park-Greensboro, RCHSBD
    #35)Town Gazebo-Mayodan,Sixpack 42
    #36)Foxhunters Paradis overlook-BRP,EATPharmD
    #37)L.P Frans Stadium-Hickory,BluRidgRidr
    #38)Catalochee-Maggie Valley,kennyanc
    #39)AAC Gun-Clyde,silverwolf
    #40)Grand Highlands sign-Gerton,BluRidgRidr
    #41)Tunnel under train tracks on Pearson Falls Rd-Saluda,Johnny Crash
    #42)Ferris Wheel in front of Jacksons Steel-Hendersonville, RidgeRunner
    #43)Jump Off Rock-Laurel Park,mel brooks
    #44)Oakdale Cemetery-Hendersonville,BluRidgRidr
    #45)Red Caboose-Hot Springs,kennyanc
    #46)Henn Theatre-Murphy,RidgeRunner
    #47)3 corners NC, TN, GA-?,PO-SLOKE
    #48)John C. Campbell Folk School-Brasstown,WNCSteve
    #49)Pawpaws Hunting Stand-?,CulowheeDick
    #50)Mess General Store-Culowhee,Johnny Crash
    #51)Asheville Speedway-Asheville,dbarrle
    #52)Wesley Creek Rd-Candler,Johnny Crash
    #53)First National Bank-Marion,Sixpack42
    #54)Park entrance-Jamestown,NCStephen
    #55)Old Grist Mill-State Fairgrounds,moterbiker
    #56)Vollis Simpson Road-Lucama,NCStephen
    #57)Big Hole Road-Chatham County,Sixpack42
    #58)Worlds largest Chest o' Drawers-High Point,Ron NC
    #59)USS Wilimgton-Wilmington,mothra
    #60)Orton Plantation Gardens-Southport,me and my monkey
    #61)End of Main Street-Sunset Beach,Ron NC
    #62)Airborne and Special Ops Musuem-Fayetville,RicoR
    #63)Entrance to Camp Mackall-Fayetvelle,Tarhell Wheeler
    #64)Camelback Bridge-Sanford,NCOkie
    #65)Bentonville Battleground-Newton Grove,wparkinson
    #66)Fort Fisher-Carolina Beach,NCOkie
    #67)NC Zoo-Asheboro,Timberwolf
    #68)Pisgah Covered Bridge-Randolf County,NCOkie --- 1st tag of 2009
    #69)Veterans Memorial-Carthage,Tarheel Wheeler
    #70)Hoke County Jail-Hoke County,NCOkie
    #71)Ravens Roost-Lillington,Truckin Thumper
    #72)Chicken-Spring Lake, NCOkie
    #73)Kenansville Courthouse-Kenansville,wparkinson
    #74)Old Rail Station-Jacksonville,NCOkie
    #75)Duplin County Veterans Museum-Warsaw,29s80/Sixpack42
    #76)Widows Creek Falls-Stone Mtn State Park,Ron NC/EATPharmD
    #77)Christian Tours HQ-Denver,Capn Morgan
    #78)High Shoals Falls Loop Trail-South Mtn State Park,EATPharmD
    #79)Knob Creek Farms and Creamery-Morganton,silverwolf
    #80)Lake Lure Dam-Lake Lure,RidgeRunner
    #81)Old Truss Bridge-Lake Summit, Tuxedo,NCOkie
    #82)Dewberry Deli-Cameron,Tarheel Wheeler
    #83)Henley Road Marketplace-Lee County,RidgeRunner
    #84)Snug Harbor Road-Lake Lure,xtphreak
    #85)Blue Ridge Meadow Farm-Little Switzerland,Shandy
    #86)Wolf Lake-Jackson County,NCHillbilly
    #87)Stateline-Tate City,wesc57
    #88)Blacksmith complex at John C. Campbell school-Brasstown,foster
    #89)Silver Creek Paddles factory-Nantahala,Johnny Crash
    #90)Campsite 11 on Avery Creek-Mills River,Red F
    #91)Tube Run, Ghost Town-Maggy Valley,NCHillbilly
    #92)Road to Nowhere-Swain County,Red F
    #93)Spider thingy at Jackson co. Recycle Center-Dillsboro,JoeWannaB
    #94)Brace #53 on the water tube for the Natahala power station-Shandy
    #95)White Cross-Lake Junaluska- NCStephen
    #96)Averasboro Battlefield Muesum-Dunn- Ron NC
    #97)Wright Bros Memorial-Kill Devil Hills-cyclecop
    #98)Hope Plantation-Windsor-NCStephen
    #99)Expression bridge-Sixpack42-East Campus at Duke, Durham
    #100)Natuzzi Furniture-Timberwolf-High Point
    #101)Becentennial Park (skeeter on the wall)-Sixpack-Asheboro
    #102)T. Bagge Merchant-Johnny Crash- Old Salem
    #103)Stateline on 64/74-NCHillbilly-Cherokee County
    #104)Peckerwood Road-JoeWannaBe-Haywood County
    #105)Old Jackson County courthouse-Johnny Crash-Sylva
    #106)Mt. Mitchell Observation Deck parking lot-Sixpack42-Yancey County
    #108)Guilford Mill-Sixpack42-Guilford County
    #109)Heritage Diner-NC-Okie-?
    #110)NC Beterans Memorial-NCStephen-Broadway
    #111)Shangi-La stone village-NC-Okie-Prospect Hill
    #112)Old mill building on the river-NCStephen-Carbonton
    #113)A Gracious Plenty Resturant-Vizsla-RTP?
    #114)Umstead Park-Cpl Rooster-Raleigh
    #115)NC Maritime Muesum-Sixpack42-Beaufort
    #116)Big coffee pot-VBird-Old Salem
    #117)Waterfall off of 221-Jadpanzer-just east of the Contiental Divide
    #118)Sherrill Tobacco Company Murial-knybanjo-Catawba
    #119)Roberts Farms produce stand-xtphreak-inbetween Lenoir & Morganton
    #120)Mast General Store-Davis-Valle Cruis
    #121)Sharpes Falls Dam-Sixpack42-Ashe County
    #122)Fountain @ High Point University-VBird-High Point
    #123)Honda Jet Office-ggrjr-Greensboro
    #124)Honda R & D facility-Cpl Rooster-Swepsonville
    #125)Alantic Beach Causeway-Ron NC-Alantic Beach
    #126)Mile marker 1 on 95-truck6driver-Right in front of South of the Border
    #127)Hope Mills Lake Dam-SpeedyG942
    #128)Old Durham Athletic Park-NCS-Raliegh
    #129)Wagon Road Gap-xtphreak-BRP
    #130)Judaculla Rock-NCHillbilly-Jackson County
    #131)Talylor Auto Parts Store-JoeWannaB-Sylva
    #132)Airport Road-Shandy-Cullowhee
    #133)Worlds Edge-xtphreak-Edneyville
    #134)Moss Knob Shooting Range-Wnc Keener-Jackson County
    #135)Wayah Bald-hojo in sc-Natahalla National forest
    #136)Old building with signs on it-NCO-Tryon
    #137)Montgomery County Courthouse-Sixpack-Troy
    #138)Floyds Barber shop-NCO-Mt. Airy
    #139)Hanging Rock State Park-NCS-Danbury
    #140)Occoneechee Mtn State Park-NCO-Durham
    #141)Guilford Mill (again)-Sixpack(again)-Oakwood:lol3
    142)Morrow State Park-NCO-Albermarle
    143)Bryant House-NCS-Moore County
    144)Gate on Ammons Farm Road-NCO-Osgood
    145)Stateline on the Dixie Highway-Johnny Crash-Hot Springs
    146)MaxPatch-Shandy-Haywood County
    147)Watercrossing on Tusqutittee Road-NCHillbilly-Clay County
    148)Fred L Woodward Sr. Bridge-WNCKeener-Clay County
    149)Tellico Trout Farm-NCO-Franklin
    150)Depot Park-ggrjr-Sanford
    151)Old Shell Station-NCFlashman-Winston-Salem
    152)Catawba College Chapel-ggrjr-Salisbury
    153)War Memorial Stadium-Sixpack-Greensboro
    154)Photoshop on Sandy Ridge Rd.-VBird-Kernersville
    155)A.C. Chaffee Center/Les McRae College-Gaston Gagne-Banner Elk
    156)Andrews Geyser-silverwolf-Old Fort
    157)Horseshoe Rock-JoeWannaB-Jackson County
    158)Bridge on Winding Stairs Rd.-Shandy-Natahala
    159)Where Highway 70 meets the BRP-Johnny Crash-Asheville
    160)Harmons Den-motorbreath-Haywood County
    161)10 Commandments Sign-silverwolf-Pisgah View Rd./Asheville
    162)Road Overlooking the Paper Plant-yamatech5-Canton
    163)Mount Pisgah Academy-Johnny Crash-Cnadler
    164)Stateline-daGeeze-Swain County
    165)Fire Truck/Wheels Thru Time-RedF-Maggie Valley
    166)Billboard for Grandfather Mtn.-NCS-Boone
    167)The Well-SpeedyG942-Chapel Hill
    168)Maple View Farm-yt5-?
    169)Orange County Speedway-EATPharmD
    170)Price Lake-ValveCrusher-BRP
    171)Emerald Hollow Mine-lostmarbles-Hiddenite
    172)Pisgah Covered Bridge-Vbird-Asheboro
    173)Brick Building-ggrjr-Summerfield
    174)Reynolds Coliseum-NCS-NC State
    175)Corner of Franklin and N. Columbia-yt5-Chapel Hill
    176)Silo Barn-SpeedyG-Schley
    177)Eno River State Park-yt5-?
    178)Occoneechi Villiage-NCS-Hillsbourgh
    179)Ayr Mount-yt5-Orange County
    180)Big White Chair-NCS-Orange County
    181)American Tobacco Campus-NCO-Triangle Area
    182)Fire Station 15-T6D-Fayetville
    183)William O Huske Dam-daGeeze-Bladen County
    184)Student Center/Pfeiffer Universtiy-NCO-Misenheimer
    185)Southern Pines Welcome Center-The Great Gazoo
    186)Sweet Feed Resturant-NCO-Southern Pines
    187)Chicora Civil War Cemetery-House CC-?
    188)Town of Climax sign-TimberWolf
    189)Randolph Heritage Conservancy-FishHunt-Franklinville
    190)House in the Horseshoe-NCO-Moore County
    191)Old Bluff Presbyterian Church-buddha-Wade
    192)Horseshoe Lake-NCO-?
    193)Worlds Largest Frying Pan-buddha-Rose Hill
    194)Harmony Hall Plantation-NCO-Bladen County
    195)Beaver Dam-SpeedyG-Neuse Lake
    196)Sculpture in the Pasture-NCS-Bayleaf
    197)Lake Crabtree-SpeedyG-Wake County
    198)Ward Transformer Plant-swould-Morrisville
    199)Franklin County Airport-Harp
    200)Jones Grocery Store-lostmarbles-Yadkin County

  2. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner Playing tag like a kid

    Dec 31, 2007
    WNC, almost SC
    U can find this in a National Forest named for the River that runs thru it. That river is a popular white water rafting spot. It is on a 2 number state highway that equals 10. This set of falls is quit a popular photo op. U cant see it now but it usually has a really full "veil" of water running off of it.


    If U are coming from the east U will be able to see this b-4 U get to the tag it used to be really pretty b-4 they started building in the low part.



    Go get it.

  3. Stromin'Nroman

    Stromin'Nroman Been here awhile

    Jun 17, 2007
    Sorry, I didn't read the rules.

    Which makes not following them much easier.
  4. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner Playing tag like a kid

    Dec 31, 2007
    WNC, almost SC
    Should have known U would be the first one to start stirring trouble. :D . Lets see how badly U disobey the rules go get it tommorw. It aint but about 100 mile round tripper for U, I did it in 150.

  5. knybanjo

    knybanjo kinda slow

    May 8, 2006
    out in the clover patch

    I liked phreaks olde world instructions so much I decided to edit this post so that they could be here on the front page for all newcomers to ponder.:wave

  6. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner Playing tag like a kid

    Dec 31, 2007
    WNC, almost SC
    Stop eating that popcorn and go get it I know U know where it is. All the locals or anyone near local knows that place. That is why I made it tag #1. Well that and the ride up there is georgous. I went through 5 counties getting to it.:clap .
  7. knybanjo

    knybanjo kinda slow

    May 8, 2006
    out in the clover patch
    Didn't a big chunk of rock break off of that one?....I don't see it in your pic, different waterfall? did they move it?

    :scratchHaven't been by there lately:baldy

    p.s. that's over a 300 mile round trip for won't happen this week as I'm planning to go to TDPIII this weekend.
  8. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner Playing tag like a kid

    Dec 31, 2007
    WNC, almost SC
    Yea I have seen pics of that I think it happened last year or something. I could not tell where it came off at but there was new pavement under there. They are doing road construction in two places up thru there so be prepared to get caught in that. Going to TDP are U. I hope U have a good time. Tell YJ, Mel, and the rest of the guys hey for me. They will know me as Greenspray over there tho. Sure do miss my KLR sometimes :cry . I knew it would be a pretty good haul for U but U are a lil ironbutter from what I hear. 300 miles aint a drop in the bucket for U. :wink: .

  9. Retro

    Retro Just the Facts Ma'am Super Moderator

    Jan 15, 2003
    Great state for tag.

    Good luck with the game guys. :thumb
  10. Zrexrob

    Zrexrob Back in the South...yep!

    Jan 19, 2006
    Sherrills Ford, NC
    Oh I know where that is maybe I'll grab it during the KLR rally.
  11. foster

    foster Huh?

    Jul 18, 2005
    Cartoogechaye, NC
    The feds have cleaned up the rock and removed the barriers.
  12. truck6driver

    truck6driver Proud Navy dad!

    Sep 23, 2007
    Hope Mills, N.C.
    Well I see it has made it's way to NC. Too bad it will not get close to me, just from where it started, they usually stay in those areas. Maybe someone visiting will move it around a bit. Good luck guys. I will be watching the progress.

  13. knybanjo

    knybanjo kinda slow

    May 8, 2006
    out in the clover patch
    That's the whole point...

    You go grab it and post your pic real quick...

    Then post one up out on the OBX :evil

    (we're trying to keep those poor oil companies in business)
  14. truck6driver

    truck6driver Proud Navy dad!

    Sep 23, 2007
    Hope Mills, N.C.
    Going and grabbing is the problem. When it gets closer I will try to join in but for now I will just watch and enjoy the pic's. I don't know where most of that stuff is anyways. I have not been in the western part of the state. My loss I know just work and family limits travel.

  15. BentAero

    BentAero Been here awhile

    Jul 13, 2007
    Asheweird, NC
    OK, Let's pretend for a minute that I'm stupider (is that a word?) than I really am...

    Is the object to go ride my bike out to that same rock and take a photo of the two, then be the first one to post it up?

    And if I am the 1st one, I have to post a new photo w/ my bike in it somewhere else?

    Go ahead and say it... Duh!
  16. knybanjo

    knybanjo kinda slow

    May 8, 2006
    out in the clover patch
    See there,
    You're not near as dumb as you thought you were:D

    That's all there is to it :deal we get 18 hours to post up a new tag after we have claimed the current one.

    BTW...they have to be NEW old ones that you just happen to have.
  17. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner Playing tag like a kid

    Dec 31, 2007
    WNC, almost SC
    Hey truckdriver, U never know. I am headed out to the OBX at the end of the month if I grab a tag b-4 I head out. Watch and see where the tag ends up. :deal .

  18. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner Playing tag like a kid

    Dec 31, 2007
    WNC, almost SC
    I hope it aint around this weekend there should be a new one posted by tonite. I know it is kinda rainy today so prolly make it till tommorow. I'll tell U right now if it is still there come Fri morning I am going back out there and grab my own tag.:clap Lets go people someone Go Get IT!!
  19. PO-SLOKE

    PO-SLOKE " ONTO " Member # 3

    Aug 2, 2008
    TAG CLAIMED !!!!!!!!!!

    The first photo is at the Jackson/Macon County Lines coming west from Cashier ,Nc to Highlands , NC on hwy 64 .

    The second photo is also on hwy 64 headed towards Franklin , NC .
  20. knybanjo

    knybanjo kinda slow

    May 8, 2006
    out in the clover patch
    Attachments are a pain on this forum...

    You can either re-size them in your computer....or upload them to a hosting service 1st (like smugmug or photobucket)

    It'll make things much easier.