Neduro's Spring Bike Maintenance and Setup Guide

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by neduro, Mar 20, 2008.

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    Just walk (or ride) to your nearest glazing shop, and ask for a strip of mirror out of the litterbox, it cost nill, and will give you the most true checkicg gage possible, and it's trueness is easily checked, if you looke crooked in the piece of mirror it time for a new peace (glass isn't completely solid)

    Place the 2" (~50mm) strip against the tubes, if they are alligned, the mirror will ly flush with them, if not, it wil rattle a little giving audible feedback if your job of aligning is ready...
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    I was lucky enough to spend some time on one of Ned's machines this past weekend. Thanks again Ned.

    All I can say is that Ned's bikes are tuned. I still can't get over how his brakes functioned on his dirt bike. They were so functional. The first time I tried them I felt like I had been working those brakes for ever. They were so crisp and linear that is was uncanny.

    Now I am back at home and working on my bikes.

    Guys all I am trying to say here. Is that Ned walks the talk. After spending time on his bike. I know that the benefits for getting the setup "right" are worth all the effort.
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    Golf Pro shops use lighter fluid instead of gas. And grip tape is available at Walmart.
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    most pit bosses don't use grip glue (rubber cement) and safety wire on their factory rides. they use a fast-drying CA glue (think superglue) instead.

    try it, you'll like it.

    check yer local hobby shop. they also have a release agent (solvent) that makes the superglue easy to remove.

    no more wire,


    p.s. i also use a coupla layers of duct tape as rim strip. be warned. i took my rims in to get the tires changed and the tire tech kid brings them out and says, 'hey man, someone put duct tape in yer rims... but don't worry, i took it out and put in rim strips.' :lol3 uh boy. i didn't even bother telling him what was up.

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    I used the fork service write-up. It's good. Forks good. Steering head was too tight.

    Oh yeah, I forgot. Thanks Ned. Ned is a Guru.
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    Great stuff! :clap I don't have a bike right now, but I'm coming back here first thing when I do.
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    You fellers are trying way too hard on the grips.....
    AEROSOL or PUMP> don't matter.
    Try it! YOU WILL SEE!
    Also works on Rubber footpegs etc.
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    I've had it fail in the wet, and it's always a pain in the ass to clean up and remove.

    I stand by safety wire. It takes about 2 minutes, it's secure, safe, effective, and will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

    OK, I made part of that up but I still think it's a good solution.
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    good enough for me
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    So this is what I have been doing during the cold months...Introduction:
    In may '08 I bought a 2001 LC4 Adv with 9000 km on it, after a long time without a bike. As I'm 191 cm tall and my GF is 188 cm I wanted a big enough bike, one we won't look silly riding, a bike we could do some touring and a bike I think I would have fun riding...also something I could maintain mostly by myself. The bike had no mods but did have Touratech panniers ( i love my Touratech cases) and both stands.

    Day 1:


    The first owner did 9000km in six years (model '01 bought in '02), last season I did 6500km...I won't describe Croatia and it's coast as inmate Damir and some other people did a great job in here:

    So came the winter and in November I took the bike to the local dealer to change the oil, do the valve inspection, change brake fluids and to do other scheduled maintenance stuff. As the weather got colder I managed to make a little garage in the cellar of my building. And I started disasembling:


    I really thoroughly cleaned everything, cleaned all the grease, cleaned chain guides, sprockets, wheels, bearings, treated electrical contacts with contact cleaner, cleaned the engine, removed the pipe, treated plastics....everything.

    Then I changed pads and brake fluid, this was of great help!
    I got some bar risers from swmotech (30mm), I got a orange mud guard and fork guards because I wanted the bike to look a bit more lively, also I had zip flyes sewn onto the neopren socks so I can take them off and clean them and underneath them.

    I managed to mount both OEM stands at the same time, this was a bit of a pain, I had to drill, saw, make spacers from all kinds of stuff, buy bolts with lower heads...managed to brake some's the result.

    Both headlights were wired together because of a well known problem, Plavakuca was a real friend with some 100% foolproof instructions. If anybody needs a translation just PM me.

    Then I wanted a decent tool box, this and this was the inspiration and here's my thing, usual suspect inmates were of help with some advice on not drilling the frame, so I went with welding a carrier onto it. My thing proved not to be a good option because when my GF jumps on the bike with me, the tire rubs quite a lot on the rear part of the stay tuned for mods...I WILL make it work because I really like this kind of solution, it fills the gap between side plastics and the rear part...kind of what the silencer does on the other side, I also have lined the box with rubber on the inside and put the nice KTM sticker on it. I really like it and I can fit all the tools I whant with me. Also a can of tire repair moose fits on it.

    Next thing was to replacie the 16Z front sprocket with a OEM 15Z sprocket, I went with OEM part because they sad so here. Also a hole in the sprocket guard was cut to check sprocket wear and the bolt. Some options on that here.

    Because I have limited movement of ankles on both feet (soccer and basketball injuries) I tried to lower the gear shift lever but that was not possible, it leans on the frame and shifting into first gets impossible, one of the first things I need to get is an afermarket lever that is adjustable (swmotech maybe). I managed to move te rear brake lever peg forward by welding a piece of stainless steel as an extension on the peg and drilling a second hole on the alu lever.It makes me quite more comfortable using it now.

    If anybody decides to do a similar mod....first do the drilling than the welding....don't ask....

    And that's it...more or less...actually, the most important profit for me after doing this is getting to know where, why and how that I learned during it. Now I know what tools I need, where electrical, coolant and oil lines go...all together I got familiar and comfortable with the bike and basic things around it.

    There are some other things I did, as buying a shorter front brake lever, new grips..... but this stuff is actually not worth posting about (I'm wondering if any of this is with all the other valuable stuff round here).

    Bike looks like this now! I kinda like it....what about you?

    After a couple days of commuting and riding around town I'm really pleased with bar risers, both stands on (really practical in the city) and most of all with a 15Z sprocket up front....much more fun and it's going to be excellent offroad....

    In the near future I plan on buying rally pegs and a decent cover. Before vacation I'll change oil and inspect the valves...will report, also, but I dont know when ( maybe next winter) I plan to rejet the carb and buy an aftermarket pipe....also will report.

    And afternoon, after coming home from work I noticed this, this and this. On the second picture you are probably not able to see a thin line of fluid coming from the upper bolt that holds the pump carrier to the casing. I'll post better pic's tomorow. I have an idea or two why and how it happened but I would really like to hear what you people say...afterall you are much more experienced than I am. Please really pissed me off today.

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    A couple people in this thread asked about bearing houses.

    In some areas, Berry Bearing or Motion Industries (they are in the yellow pages). If not, John Deere Tractor dealerships are troves of bearings and seals. The parts guys have calipers behind the counters and most seem to be pretty darned helpful (I have bought stuff from 4 different JD dealers.)

    When I did the topend on my 2T, I picked up Viton seals at JD for less than $1 each. They were way more than that at the KTM shop.

    Tom B
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    I just came across this thread again, and as it's Spring out there... get to it!
    Thanks again for posting this Neduro.

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    Bump. Its almost Spring. Get to work. :deal
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    I've always cleaned the bars really well with 99% Isopropyl alcohol, and slipped the grips on while wet, and if necessary, dripping a bit of alcohol down the grip with a flathead screwdriver inside to let the fluid between the grip and the bar. Evaporates completely, and has never failed me.